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Ashland Sawmill
Atlantic Towing Limited
Atlantic Truck and Trailer Parts
Atlantic Wallboard Limited
Atlas Structural Systems
Baker Brook Sawmill
Bayside Realties
Big Hole Brook Camp
Black Brook Woodlands
Boston Brook Camp
Brunswick News
Burnt Hill Fishing Lodge
Business Improvement
Cavendish Agri Services
Cavendish Agri Services & Cavendish Produce
Cavendish Appetizers
Cavendish Farms
Cavendish Farms and Island Gas (CNG) Ltd.
Cavendish Produce
Cedar Valley
Central NB Woodlands
Central Supplies
Chipman Sawmill
Chipman Woodlands
Clair Sawmill
Clair Value Added
CLS Lexi-tech Ltd.
Confidential Employer
Corporate - Executive Cdn
Corporate - Sr. Executive Cdn
Corporate Security
Dixfield Sawmill
Doaktown Sawmill
Down's Gulch
Economy Drywall
Elementary Literacy Inc.
Evergreen Gardens Landscaping
Financial Shared Services
Fleetway Inc.
Forest Patrol Limited
Georgetown Timber
Government Relations
Grand Lake Timber
Grand River Pellets
Gulf Operators, Ltd.
Harbour Development
HR Center of Excellence
HR Shared Services
Industrial Security, Inc. (ISI)
Industrial Security, Limited (ISL)
Irving Air Services
Irving Business Services
Irving Consumer Products
Irving Equipment
Irving Forest Services, Limited
Irving Group Moncton
Irving Nature Park
Irving Paper Limited
Irving Personal Care
Irving Pulp and Paper
Irving Shipbuilding
Irving Tissue
Irving Tissue Dieppe
Irving Tissue Moncton
Irving Tissue, Saint John
Irving Transportation Services
Irving Transportation Services Limited – Finance Group
Irving Wallboard Ltd.
Irving Woodlands LLC
Island Gas (CNG) Ltd.
Island Holdings Limited
ITS - Logistics
ITS Carriers
ITS Fleet Maintenance
J.D. Irving, Limited
J.D. Irving, Limited - Construction & Equipment Division
J.D. Irving, Limited - Corporate Internal Audit Group
J.D. Irving, Limited - Credit Group
J.D. Irving, Limited - Equipment Division
J.D. Irving, Limited - Financial Services
J.D. Irving, Limited - General Division
J.D. Irving, Limited - Geographic Information Systems Group
J.D. Irving, Limited - Irving Eco-Centre (IEC)
J.D. Irving, Limited - IT Division
J.D. Irving, Limited - Sawmill Division
J.D. Irving, Limited - Trucking Contractors
J.D. Irving, Limited - Woodlands Division
James D. Irving
JDI Finance
JDI Integrated Logistics
JDI Logistics
Juniper Organics
Kedgwick Sawmill
Kent Contractor Supply
Kent Homes
Kent Homes, Universal Truck and Trailer
Kent Line Agency
Kent Line International Ltd.
Kent Line Limited
Lake Utopia Paper
Maine Woodlands
Midland Courier
Midland Transport
Moncton Wildcats
NB Southern Railway (NBSR)
NB Southern Railway/Eastern Maine Railway/Maine Northern Railway
NBM Railways
New Brunswick Southern Railway
Northern NB Woodlands
Nova Scotia Woodlands
Oceanic Consulting Corporation
Protrans Personnel Services Inc.
PumpsPlus Ltd.
RST Industries Limited and Sunbury Transport Limited
Sawmills Head Office
Shamrock Truss
Shared Services - Supply Chain
SJ Head Office Operations
Southern NB Woodlands
Sproule Lumber
St. George Power
St. George Woodlands
St. Leonard Sawmill
Studio House Limited
Sunbury Transport Limited
Sussex Sawmill
Sussex Woodlands
The Corporate Group
The Irving Group of Companies
The Moncton Wildcats
Transportation and Logistics Divisional Services
Truro Sawmill/NS Woodlands
Universal Properties Limited
Universal Sales, Limited
Universal Truck & Trailer
Veneer Sawmill
WindHaven Farms
Woodlands Head Office
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