Full Stack Software Engineer

The Full Stack Software Engineer will be responsible for front-end and back-end development of our cloud-based platform and architecture that interfaces with our desktop products and services. Working as a key member of our engineering team, they will work closely with product design, user research, and business operations to ensure user needs and requirements are well-defined, planned, and executed. The responsibilities include all related aspects of our cloud-based services, such as architecture and database design.


  • Managing the complete SDLC for our web-based technologies.
  • Applying SOLID design principles into the code architecture.
  • Maintaining and continuously improving our graphql server.
  • Creating or identifying tools & integrations to enable our internal teams to interact with our data.
  • Adding unit and integration tests to ensure adequate code coverage.
  • Designing and implementing continuous integration and deployment processes.
  • Staying up to date with emerging web technologies.
  • Understanding and identifying cloud-infrastructure related concerns and responsibilities that can either be done internally or outsourced to a credible third-party.


  • Minimum 4-year bachelor degree in Math & Computing Science, or demonstration of equivalent experience.
  • 5+ years experience with full-stack development using a variety of tech stacks.
  • Javascript, Typescript, Python, Bash.
  • NodeJS-based web applications.
  • ReactJS, VueJS, or similar frontend frameworks.
  • GraphQL, REST API, or similar backend technology.
  • MySQL, PostgreSQL, or similar RDBMS.
  • Redis, Memcached, or similar caching stores.
  • Nginx or similar load-balancing services.
  • Basic Linux system administration.
  • Azure, AWS, GCP, or other cloud infrastructure.
  • Bonus: Docker/Kubernetes.
  • Bonus: TypeGraphQL, TypeORM, Server-side rendering, WebAssembly.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

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At Adaptiiv Medical Technologies Inc., we help transform the patient experience with 3D printed patient-specific accessories for use in radiation therapy. We foster a culture of innovation, collaboration, diversity, creativity, growth and success. We are always looking for individuals who have exceptional talent and an entrepreneurial drive to contribute to the ongoing fight against cancer.

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Adaptiiv fights for patients in the battle against cancer. Our advanced software solution enables the creation of customized 3D personal medical devices, effectively improving treatment outcomes and patient experience.

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