First Nation Cultural Strategic Support Coordinator

Competition 2021-093 (First Nation Cultural Strategic Support Coordinator)
Closing August 14, 2020
$1,538.00 - $1,730.00 bi-weekly
Openings: 1 


Jordan's Principle service coordination organizations aim to provide child-centered support to families, helping to navigate systems and coordinate services. The Jordan's Principle's federal Service Access Resolution Fund (SARF) is available to First Nation children who require publicly funded health, social or educational services/items/products, but are unable to access them in a timely manner, and/or they are not appropriate or not sufficient to meet the child's/family's needs. 


The role of the Coordinator is to focus on supporting First Nation students by creating circles of care through collaboration and communication with the school ESS team and community partners. The goal is to foster a sense of connection and belonging for the student and family in order to increase academic and social-emotional success. The Coordinator is the connector between school and community to ensure a student's needs are met in a confidential and timely manner to promote individual hope and success in school and life for the youth.


  • All support and services are developed and provided in collaboration with the school staff. First Nation Cultural Strategic Support Coordinators contribute to the education of students in inclusive schools and classrooms and provide support by: 
  • Participating as a member of the school based ESS Team to collectively provide input, recommendations and intervention strategies where required.
  • Providing proactive programs and initiatives designed to support First Nation students achieve their potential and creating networks of internal and external supports and resources.
  • Designing and implementing initiatives focused on strengthening First Nation identity and pride and working collaboratively with school staff. 
  • Organizing cultural awareness training and initiatives, as needed, for school administration, staff, and students with the objective of increasing understanding of First Nation culture and traditions.
  • Referring students for additional support services when necessary. 
  • Collecting, monitoring, and maintaining data needed to report on academic progress, attendance, course levels, etc. in order to make evidence-informed decisions in collaboration with the administration and staff. 
  • Participating in ongoing professional learning. 
  • Accompanying student(s) to culturally relevant activities during or after school hours.

Career Guidance and Transitioning

  • Serving as a First Nation's liaison between the school, families, community, students and other stakeholders. 
  • Facilitating transitioning of students from middle and high schools and to other grade levels. 
  • Working collaboratively with EST-Guidance Counsellors to develop a broad and current knowledge base of post-secondary education programs and options, prerequisite course work, funding mechanisms, etc.
  • Working closely with ESS staff to ensure students have the appropriate prerequisite qualifications to pursue post-secondary education in their chosen career path. 
  • Assisting First Nation students as they navigate social, academic and career path challenges.
  • Serving as an advocate representing assigned FN students. 

Academic and Other Support (Resource, Literacy, Numeracy) 

  • Maintaining a working knowledge of subject area curricula and inclusive instructional practices in order to collaborate with the classroom teachers. 
  • Providing, when necessary, specially designed instruction as an intervention in collaboration with the classroom teacher.
  • Consulting regularly with teachers of First Nation students. 
  • Working collaboratively to monitor First Nation student progress, based on the common plan. 
  • Providing First Nation students support and guidance to assist them in coping with social, guidance, and academic challenges. 
  • Other duties as assigned.


Applicants that are accepted to interview for the position:

  • Must have a minimum of 2 years of experience working with First Nation Children and Youth.
  • Demonstrate a high degree of First Nation cultural competence.
  • Must have strong ties to First Nation community/communities
  • Demonstrate excellent organizational and communication skills.
  • Must have the ability to work collaboratively with parents, school staff and community-based organizations.
  • Have a strong understanding of the developmental stages of child and youth development.
  • Have a passion to contribute to the well-being and progress of youth
  • Have experience using strength-based and anti-oppressive approaches
  • Demonstrate an understanding of trauma informed care.

A combination of education and experience in any of the following essential qualifications:

  • Restorative practices
  • Counselling
  • Social work
  • Sociology
  • Indigenous Studies
  • Psychology
  • Education

Length of position: Begin immediately with option for renewal on a 12-month contract

Position will report to Principal and First Nation Education Coordinator

You can apply to this Job Posting using the Anglophone East School District website, under Career, Employment Opportunities

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