Saint John Registered Nurse Class A (RNCA) PCN 1255320

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COMPETITION #: 2019-38101 External
ZONE: Saint John
FACILITY: Saint John Regional Hospital
POSTING TYPE: Permanent Part Time
CLASSIFICATION: RNCA Registered Nurse Class A
LANGUAGE: English Essential
HOURS OF WORK: Rotating Days, Evenings, Nights, FTE: 0.5 Subject to change due to operational requirements
SALARY: $31.23 to $39.57 per hour
The Registered Nurse in this position is responsible and accountable for providing individualized patient care and for having a working knowledge of and to adhere to departmental Policies and Procedures, and Standard of Care in the Endoscopy Suite. The responsibilities include professional and clinical nursing activities which focus on identifying and meeting the needs of the surgical/endoscopy patient; pre, during and post procedure. The RN provides leadership in nursing assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation of care for the purpose of promoting, maintaining or restoring health, preventing illness, injury and disability. The Registered Nurse may be required to work in Day Surgery/DOSA, PACU and/or Pre-Operative clinic if the need arises and should have a working knowledge of and adhere to the Policies, Procedures and Standards of care when working in these areas.
  • Successful completion of an approved basic course in nursing.
  • Registered in the Province of New Brunswick.
  • Physically able to perform assigned duties.
  • Good previous work record.
  • Ability to communicate effectively with patients, families, staff, physicians and the public.
  • Neat and clean in appearance.
  • Demonstrated initiative and good judgement.
  • Willingness to perform charge duties.
  • High regard for confidentiality and advocacy for patients.
  • Must be willing to float to other areas.
  • Current certification in IV Therapy, IV Meds, Venipuncture, Arterial puncture.
  • Experience in invasive monitoring and ventilators.
  • Ability to attend work on a regular basis.
  • Ability to perform the duties of the position.
  • Good work record.
  • Written and spoken competence in English is required

Essential qualifications:
  • Demonstrates knowledge of the Endoscopy Standards
  • Must be competent in and pass test for the Moderate Procedural Sedation for Adults (AC-RN)
  • At least 2 years experience in acute Medical/Surgical nursing.
  • Endoscopy/ PACU standards and working according to these standards of care.

  • Continually monitors, observes and evaluates patient's condition (vital signs, level of consciousness, oxygenation, dressing, pain, etc).
  • Demonstrates knowledge of the Endoscopy Standards
  • Must be competent in and pass test for the Moderate Procedural Sedation for Adults (AC-RN)
  • Endoscopy/ PACU standards and working according to these standards of care.
  • Assesses, plans, and implements the patient's plan of care in a safe and responsible manner.
  • Evaluates plan of care for effectiveness and makes changes as necessary.
  • Responds to emergency situations efficiently.
  • Administers medication in a safe, conscientious manner.
  • Demonstrates knowledge in the use and function of special equipment in Endoscopy/PACU.
  • Correlates clinical data and treatment to disease entity.
  • Maintains an accurate and concise record of nursing care.
  • Contacts physician regarding significant changes in patient's condition and/or abnormal data.
  • Performs venipunctures and arterial punctures skillfully as required.
  • Monitors respiratory status and removes airway, endotracheal tube according to established criteria.
  • Is accountable and shares responsibilities and workload.
  • Predicts and tries to prevent potential complications associated with the surgical procedure.
  • Assumes responsibility for appropriate share of work.
  • Completes work assignment in an organized manner.
  • Utilizes Policy/Procedure and other manuals appropriately.
  • Completes monthly audits and uses the results to help improve practice.
  • Functions as a liaison between patient, family and physician when necessary.
  • Attends regularly scheduled inservices on the Fire and Disaster Plan.
  • Transfers patients to nursing unit when established criteria are met, and provides a comprehensive report of the events in the Endoscopy Suite and/or PACU.
  • Demonstrates knowledge operating and maintaining unit equipment.
  • Consistently follows through on commitments relative to patient related inquiries/complaints.
  • Uses sound clinical judgement in making decisions about patient care.
  • Is aware of responsibilities related to Fire and Disaster Plan.

  • Obtains report from attending physician and nurse when receiving patient.
  • Performs and documents nursing assessment on admission, on an on-going basis and on discharge (include physical and psychosocial needs).
  • Collect data, which is pertinent, accurate and kept confidential.
  • Updates progress notes as patient's condition changes and based on unit policies.
  • Gives accurate reports to incoming staff, keeps Charge Nurse aware of pertinent changes in patient's condition.
  • Gives an accurate, complete, concise report to nurse receiving patient on nursing unit.

  • Identifies the patient's actual and potential health problems that nurses by virtue of their education can treat.
  • Identifies problems through chart research, patient assessment and admission report. Prioritizes problems according to their impact upon the patient's health status.

  • Formulates desired outcomes based on assessment and problems identified.
  • Plans care based on the appropriate standards (PACU/CSGNA Standard of Nursing Practice), plus individualized planning.
  • Contributes to problem solving and improvements within the unit.

  • Delivers quality nursing care by:
  • Carrying out nursing actions based on the identified patient need
  • Keeping legible, accurate nurses notes that reflect the care given, following the Endoscopy guidelines.
  • Assists new employees in their orientation.
  • Identifies educational needs and attends inservice programs/staff meetings as required.
  • Performs charge duties as required.
  • Demonstrates clinical competence through the ability to perform specialized procedures on an ongoing basis.
  • Completes assigned weekly unit duties (including checking supply carts, cleaning equipment, restocking stretcher areas).

  • Assesses nursing actions and changes and documents actions as required.
  • Participates in continuous quality improvement process.

  • Demonstrates active listening skills.
  • Communicates verbally and non-verbally with the patient in a purposeful, timely manner befitting the patient's condition of situation.
  • Interacts with fellow staff members (within unit and outside department) in a manner conductive to problem solving and ensuring effective communication between departments that will benefit the patient.
  • Professional Conduct:
  • Ability to express self in a diplomatic, tactful manner and to work cooperatively with others.
  • When appropriate, assumes charge position when assigned, within their level of competence.
  • Initiative to seek help in situations when plan of care is uncertain.
  • Initiative and judgement in coping with emergencies and unusual situations.
  • Ability to work in an environment that has potential for constant change and interruptions.
  • Flexibility to adjust planned working schedule in order to meet emergencies.

Applications for this position must be submitted on-line by April 24, 2019.
NOTE: There will be no further postings for this position should there be no fully qualified applicants. If you wish to be considered for this position and have most of the qualifications as posted and the registration or licensure where required, you are encouraged to apply at this time.
Please quote Competition # 2019- 38101 -External . Horizon Health Network appreciates expressed interest, however, only candidates considered for an interview will be contacted. Human Resources Department, Horizon Health Network .
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