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Thank you for your interest in career opportunities with the Government of Nova Scotia. Please note that:

As employees of the Government of Nova Scotia, we proudly serve the public needs of Nova Scotians. We value respect, integrity, diversity, accountability, and the public good. We stand by these values, and we believe that they are in the best interest of all Nova Scotians.

Public servants work in a wide variety of exciting fields. As one of the province's largest employers, we offer a range of opportunities for individuals at all stages of their professional lives. Whether you're looking for your first entry-level position or your next exciting challenge, the public service is a great place to build your career.

Working with the Government of Nova Scotia is one of the most rewarding career paths you can take. There are many opportunities for advancement and development, and one career can branch out into many. We offer our employees competitive salaries and benefits, as well as a safe and healthy workplace that is both welcoming and engaging.

To apply for any of our current openings, please submit a resumé and cover letter outlining your qualifications for the position. If you are applying to multiple positions, you must submit a separate resumé and cover letter for each. In your cover letter, please indicate the competition number for which you are applying. To be considered for positions with the Nova Scotia public service, you must be legally entitled to work in Canada.

We thank all applicants for their interest, however, only those selected for an interview will be contacted. If you are experiencing technical difficulties in submitting your application, please click here. For more information on eligibility requirements and our application process, please click here. For members of the civil service bargaining unit, please ensure you include your employee number on your application and resumé for early consideration on bargaining unit competitions.

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  Career Title Location Date Posted Region

   Clerk 3 (Financial Clerk) (Permanent) (Kentville) KentvilleMay 30, 2016
   Clerk 3 (Maintenance Enforcement Assistant) (Casual Roster) (New Waterford) New WaterfordMay 30, 2016
   Clerk 3 (Maintenance Enforcement Assistant) (Casual Roster) (New Waterford) New WaterfordMay 30, 2016
   Senior Audit Officer (Permanent) (Halifax) Halifax CityMay 30, 2016
   Security Risk Management Officer (Term) (Sydney) SydneyMay 27, 2016
   Clerk 3 (Justice Officer 2) (Relief) (Bridgewater) BridgewaterMay 27, 2016
   Clerk 3 (Justice Officer 2) (Permanent) (Halifax) Halifax CityMay 27, 2016
   Unit Supervisor, Secure Care (Permanent) (Truro) TruroMay 27, 2016
   Caseworker 1(A)-(B)-2(A)-(B) (Income Assistance) (Temporary) (New Glasgow) New GlasgowMay 27, 2016
   Research & Stat Officer 1A-B (International Qualification Recognition) (Term) (Halifax) Halifax CityMay 27, 2016
   Manager, Fiscal and Economic Affairs (Permanent) (Halifax) Halifax CityMay 27, 2016
   Drafting & Illustration Technician 2 A-C (Mapper) (Permanent) (Amherst) AmherstMay 26, 2016
   Caseworker 1(A)(B)-2(A)(B) (Employment Support Services) (Temporary) (Sydney) SydneyMay 26, 2016
   Secretary 2 (Permanent) (Sydney) SydneyMay 26, 2016
   Caseworker 1(A)-(B)-2(A)-(B) (Term) (Glace Bay) Glace BayMay 26, 2016
   Clerk 3 (Term) (Dartmouth) DartmouthMay 26, 2016
   Planning & Development Officer 3 (Business Development Executive) (Term) (Halifax) Halifax CityMay 26, 2016
   Director, Adult Education (Permanent) (Halifax) Halifax CityMay 26, 2016
   Forestry Technician 2(A)-(B)-3 (Seasonal) (Dollar Lake Provincial Park / Middle Musquodoboit Office) Middle MusquodoboitMay 26, 2016
   Clerk 3 (Maintenance Enforcement Assistant) (Term) (New Waterford) New WaterfordMay 25, 2016
   Computer Services Officer 1A-2C (Technical Analyst) (Halifax) Halifax CityMay 25, 2016
    IT Category Manager (Manager Strategic Sourcing) (Permanent) (Halifax) Halifax CityMay 25, 2016
   Program Admin Officer 3 (Enforcement Officer) (Casual Roster) (New Waterford) New WaterfordMay 25, 2016
   Program Administration Officer 4 (Senior Corporate Strategist) (Permanent) (Halifax) Halifax CityMay 25, 2016
   Clerk 3 (Customer Service Representative - In-person Transaction Services) (Part-time, 40%) Middleton MiddletonMay 25, 2016
   Director, Correctional Services (Permanent) (Halifax) Halifax CityMay 24, 2016
   Program Administration Officer 4 (Senior Policy Analyst) (Permanent & Term) (Halifax) Halifax CityMay 24, 2016
   Secretary 2 (Permanent) (Dartmouth) DartmouthMay 24, 2016
   Clerk 3 (Permanent) (Halifax) Halifax CityMay 24, 2016
   Inspector Specialist 3 (Lifts and Amusement Device Officer) (Term) (Dartmouth) DartmouthMay 24, 2016
   Fisheries Technician 1 (Hatchery Technician) (Temporary) (Margaree) MargareeMay 24, 2016
   HIGHWAY WORKER - BASEPERSON II (TERM) (Digby) DigbyMay 24, 2016
   HIGHWAY WORKER - WEIGHER (Summer Works Period) (Brooklyn & Milford/Noel) Brooklyn, Milford, NoelMay 24, 2016
   HIGHWAY WORKER - INSPECTOR (Summer Works Period) (Brooklyn & Milford/Noel) Brooklyn, Milford, NoelMay 24, 2016
   IAP Administrator (2 Positions) (Permanent) (Halifax) Halifax CityMay 20, 2016
   Adult Protection Worker (Permanent) (Sydney) SydneyMay 20, 2016
   Clerk 3 (Customer Service Representative) (40% Part Time) (Permanent) (Middleton) MiddletonMay 20, 2016
   Secretary 2 (Temporary) (Halifax)  Halifax CityMay 20, 2016
   Crown Attorney (Term) (Dartmouth) DartmouthMay 20, 2016
   HIGHWAY WORKER - DIVISION CREWPERSON Crack Seal/ Signage Team (Temporary) (Berwick Base)  Berwick, Western DistrictMay 20, 2016
   Clerk 2 (Permanent) (Truro) TruroMay 19, 2016
   Research & Stat Officer 3 (Term) (Halifax) Halifax CityMay 19, 2016
   Director, Employment Programs (Permanent) (Halifax) Halifax CityMay 19, 2016
   Loan Officer 1-2 (Permanent) (Truro) TruroMay 19, 2016
   Clerk 3 (Customer Service Representative - In-person Transaction Services) (Part-time, 40%) Yarmouth YarmouthMay 19, 2016
   Clerk 4 (Training and Orientation Coordinator) (Permanent) (Halifax) Halifax CityMay 19, 2016
   Foreperson, Trades (Carpentry) (Permanent) (Halifax) Halifax CityMay 19, 2016
   Clerk 3 (Customer Service Representative In-person Transaction Services) (2 positions) (Permanent) Halifax Halifax CityMay 19, 2016
   Clerk 3 (Customer Service Representative) (Permanent) (Sackville) SackvilleMay 18, 2016
   Secretary 1 (Bilingual) (Permanent) Halifax Halifax CityMay 18, 2016
   Financial Services Officer 1 (Permanent) (Halifax) Halifax CityMay 18, 2016
   Research & Stat Officer 3 (Corporate Strategist) (Term) (Halifax) Halifax CityMay 18, 2016
   Regional Director, Occupational Health and Safety (Permanent) (Dartmouth) DartmouthMay 18, 2016
   Caseworker 4A (3 Positions) (Temporary & Permanent) (Halifax) Halifax CityMay 18, 2016
   Planning & Development Officer 3 (Manager of Research and Information) (Permanent) (Halifax) Halifax CityMay 18, 2016
   Program Administration Officer 4 (Regional Services Coordinator) (Term) (Truro) TruroMay 18, 2016
   Manager, Loans (Permanent) (Truro/Kentville) Kentville, TruroMay 18, 2016
   Secretary 2 (Loan Assistant) (Temporary) Truro TruroMay 17, 2016
   Adult Protection Worker (Permanent) (Truro) TruroMay 17, 2016
   Veterinarian 1 (A)-2(B) (Temporary) (Truro) TruroMay 17, 2016
   Research & Stat Officer 3 (Permanent) (Halifax) Halifax CityMay 17, 2016
   Clerk 4 (Temporary) (Halifax) Halifax CityMay 17, 2016
   Director, Economic Development & Trade (Permanent) (Halifax) Halifax CityMay 17, 2016
   Program Admin Officer 3 (Trust Officer) (Permanent) (Halifax) Halifax CityMay 16, 2016
   Senior Corporate Financial Analyst (Permanent) (Halifax) Halifax CityMay 16, 2016