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Frequently Asked Questions
How do I search for jobs?
Use the search bar at the top of the page to search for keywords, a job title, employer, and/or location and CareerBeacon will give you the most relevant search results.
What are the benefits of creating a MyBeacon account?
MyBeacon allows you to save jobs and job searches, and register for email alerts for relevant jobs. It also allows you to upload resumes to make applying for your next job easier.
Who are the top employers hiring right now?
CareerBeacon is always adding jobs from top employers across Canada like Bell, J. D. Irving, and TD Bank. For a complete list of our Top Employers, head to our Top Employers page.
What's my salary after taxes?
Your after-tax salary depends on which province you live in. To calculate your after-tax salary, use our Tax Calculator.
What's my salary per hour?
Use the CareerBeacon Salary Calculator to calculate your hourly, weekly, biweekly, monthly, and annual salary.
What's the average cost of living in Canada?
The average cost of living in Canada is $1,798/month (excluding rent). To see how far a salary can go in cities across Canada, visit our Cost of Living Calculator.
How do you help employers?
CareerBeacon has a variety of tools to help employers connect with jobseekers, promote their employer brand and job postings, and manage applicants as they apply for jobs.
As an employer, how do I post a job?
Use the CareerBeacon Post a Job tool to get a job posting in front of jobseekers in just a few clicks.