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A city that inspires
Working together to enhance the quality of life for all residents
Sustainability, Inclusivity, Innovation, Accountability, Excellence, Bilingualism

Codiac Regional RCMP - Job # P1138

The position is responsible for the accuracy and thoroughness of data input into data management systems and for the organization and handling of investigational material(s) within their care and control while performing the assigned work.

This position is responsible for demonstrating tasks or explaining administrative processes, procedures and policies to others.

This position reports directly to the Manager of Policing Support Services.

The City of Moncton is an equal opportunity employer. Applicants must submit their application through an online system that can be found at
We thank all applicants for their interest; however, only those invited for interviews will be contacted.

For more information, please contact the Human Resources Department at
506-877-7707 or visit for information on the hiring and application process at the City of Moncton.

Moncton is a vibrant and culturally rich community. It is the first officially bilingual city in Canada, as well as one of the best places in Canada to do business. Moncton is also known as the economic, sports, tourism and entertainment hub of Atlantic Canada. City of Moncton employees strive to maintain the city's reputation as one of the best places in Canada to live, study, work and play.

This position is a unionized position. The City of Moncton offers an attractive salary and benefits package in accordance to the City Hall Employees Association / PSAC Local 60200 Collective Agreement.

CHEA Collective Agreement
City of Moncton Salary and Wage Scale


  • Must have Post-Secondary education from an accredited institution where specialized computer skills were acquired or have a minimum of 1 year of experience performing electronic disclosure.


  • Background in a police environment would be an asset.
  • Experience and knowledge of police records and filing systems would be an asset.
  • Experience working with Adobe products would be an asset


  • The ability to function fluently in both official languages (English and French) is a requirement. As per provincial language proficiency standards, functional is determined to be at the Intermediate+ (2+) level or higher.


  • Knowledge of techniques, methods and procedures around the use of a variety of databases and police information systems to enter, search/query, verify, link data, manipulate, report on (in preformatted report forms) and print data from electronic formatting applications and/or Records Management Systems.
  • Knowledge of electronic formatting applications and associated hardware and software, for scanning, imaging and uploading complex forms of data such as photos, audio and video clips.
  • Knowledge of the information management process, basic knowledge of police terminology, and familiarity with documents collected throughout an investigation (such as Investigation Reports, banking documents, contracts, and warrants) in order to properly organize incoming data for entry into electronic formatting applications. This knowledge is also required in order to review, extract and analyze all investigative materials for consistency, while ensuring the information is compliant with established rules and standards.
  • Knowledge of relevant sections of the Access to Information and Privacy Acts, Government and Departmental Security and Records Management procedures for the handling of protected and classified material(s), as well as departmental policy to protect and handle investigative data. Understanding of basic principles of case law is required in order to recognize and understand the importance of keeping investigative material in the same context as received for conversion and capture into electronic case management applications.
  • Proofreading and editing techniques are required to read investigative documents (such as investigator reports, surveillance reports, scanned paper exhibits); to identify key data (such as Persons, Locations, Telephone Numbers) requiring vetting before being uploaded into the specified electronic formatting application
  • Listening, reading and comprehension skills are required to understand and accurately apply policy and procedures (i.e. Business Rules) for data entry, transcribing and linking duties.
  • Writing skills are required in order to maintain detailed notes suitable for presentation, and ability to testify in court to explain actions and observations while handling investigative material(s) and the use of electronic case management applications to disclose investigative data.
  • Communication skills are required to discuss data from source documents that may require further clarification from the Disclosure Team Leader prior to capturing the data in the electronic case management applications.
  • Must have extensive computer knowledge of spreadsheets and databases, word processing, Windows applications and email. Example: Groupwise/Excel/Word/PowerPoint. Will be required to use RCMP programs such as PROS (Police Reporting Occurrence System) and CPIC(Canadian Police Information Centre).
  • Must have excellent time management skills; attention to detail; the capacity to prioritize by assessing situations to determine urgency; ability to develop a work schedule, set goals, create / implement action plans and monitor progress towards goals; and ability to make clear, timely decisions.
  • Must have a high degree of accuracy and concentration and perform quality work especially when faced with a busy environment.


  • Must have minimum keyboarding skills of forty (40) WPM.
  • Must be willing to upgrade skills as required by changes in the workplace.
  • It is a condition of employment that the incumbent must be of the highest integrity and character and will be subjected to RCMP security screening. This involves background and character investigation of successful applicants and their immediate families. This is required prior to the necessary level of security clearance being granted for this position. Must maintain necessary RCMP security clearance requirements for this position throughout the duration of employment. Similarly, the incumbent's use of all police information will be in accordance with R.C.M.P. policy, regulations and directives. Since the work is of a confidential nature, the incumbent must be prepared to undertake an Oath of Affirmation of Secrecy.


  • Intellectual effort is required to comprehend and comply with an extensive and detailed set of Business Rules. This involves working in a number of different electronic formats, as well as inputting and processing a variety of data types. There is a requirement to quickly switch between the various electronic formats while correctly adhering to different sets of business rules (i.e. each form has its' own set of business rules).
  • Judgement is required to make limited data entry decisions, as the Business Rules are not exhaustive and do not describe every piece of data to be entered. Determinations required may include deciding if a person's name is an alias, a typing error or a new subject for example. Intellectual effort is required to determine how to correctly handle the data in question through system checks, knowledge of the file and source investigators.
  • Decisions and steps taken are generally made in accordance with established guidelines, processes and policies. The correct interpretation and application of policy and procedures (i.e. Business Rules), is imperative for the accurate and meaningful analysis of the investigative data entered by the investigative team. Errors made could cause considerable loss of work time and productivity.
  • The position requires appropriate diplomacy and discretion.
  • Must use judgment and professionalism in dealing with clients.
  • Requires a high level of judgment appropriate to applying established practices, policies or procedures to standard work assignments and resolving frequent problems.


  • Must be able to work with minimal supervision and make decisions that reflect the established objectives of the department. Also requires initiative or ingenuity to resolve frequent minor problems in situations not always covered by established practices, procedures or policies.
  • No requirement to supervise other employees; however, may be required to provide limited advice and guidance to new employees on occasion.


  • The incumbent may be required to work overtime on short notice. Scheduled start time can range between 6:30 AM and 8:30 AM.
  • Required to spend extended periods of time in a seated position focused on computer monitors and performing repetitive motions.
  • This position may be subjected to highly sensitive and confidential information and be of graphic nature that may have a strong emotional impact and stress. Graphic material may include but is not limited to murder scenes and victim(s), autopsy photos, sexual assault videos, 911 audios and material relating to child exploitation investigations.
  • The working conditions are in concurrence with the CHEA/PSAC Local 60200 Collective Agreement. This position is based on a thirty-five (35) hour workweek.
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About City of Moncton / Ville de Moncton

The City of Moncton has a team of approximately 700 people who are on the leading edge of policy and program development and service delivery in Atlantic Canada.

We're looking for people who share a commitment to community, and the lives of our citizens, who share our values of sustainability, diversity, creativity, engagement, and leadership.

VISION: A city that inspires.

MISSION: Working together to enhance the quality of life for all residents

CORE ORGANIZATIONAL VALUES: Sustainability, Inclusivity, Innovation, Accountability, Excellence, Bilingualism

City of Moncton employees strive to maintain the city's reputation as one of the best places in Canada to live, study, work and play. Moncton is a city that inspires… how will you make your mark?


The city is known as the economic, sports, tourism and entertainment hub of Atlantic Canada. It attracts a wide range of athletic and artistic events throughout the year, and boasts numerous recreational facilities, cultural venues, community centres, and beautiful parks and trails. As New Brunswick's largest retail destination, Moncton also offers a diverse and extensive selection of both independent shops and big box stores. We have everything to meet your needs!

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