About Pharm3r

Pharm3r is a healthcare analytics company specializing in real-world post market surveillance for drugs and medical devices. We build web applications and datasets for the medical product, financial and healthcare industries. Our technology allows us quickly detect trends in medical product safety and outcomes. Our clients capitalize on our products to better manage risk. To our community of stakeholders, our work has the potential to reduce thousands of entirely avoidable injuries, adverse events, and deaths.

Why Work at Pharm3r?

As a small, fully remote team, we strive to strike a balance between communication and having time to work autonomously. Our company culture emphasizes treating employees with trust and respect so that they can provide their best work. 

As a member of a small team, you have the opportunity to put your stamp on the work that we do, and the autonomy to choose how you will complete your tasks. 

We provide state of the art equipment, opportunities to get together with other employees for facetime at sponsored lunch get togethers (or to eschew them if you prefer), and flexible working hours.

We avoid time-tracking, micromanagement, and "Meetings for the sake of meetings". 

If this sounds good to you, working at Pharm3r might be your next dream job. Please review our opportunities below, or feel free to keep in contact by sending your resume. 

Current Job Openings

Pharm3r does not have any job openings now.