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The OSCO Construction Group began in 1955 with the creation of Ocean Steel & Construction Ltd. in Saint John, NB, Canada. Since that time, the OSCO Construction Group has grown to encompass four main operating sectors: Steel, Concrete, Construction and Corporate. Within these sectors lie an ever-expanding number of companies and divisions, serving a growing market area and employing over 1000 employees.

The OSCO Construction Group takes great pride in the vast knowledge and experience of its employees, and recognizes them as their most valued asset. From professional tradespeople, to support teams, OSCO Group employees are encouraged to achieve their full potential and are rewarded on the basis of merit.

The OSCO Construction Group prides itself not just in embracing change, but driving it. Better technology produces better products, better products produce better end results, and better end results produces satisfied customers. The OSCO Construction Group is committed to all four.

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