About Medavie Health Services New Brunswick (MHSNB)

Medavie Health Services New Brunswick (MHSNB), formerly NB EMS, is an integrated, service-led organization responsible for the optimal operation and management of the Extra Mural Program (EMP) and Ambulance New Brunswick (ANB).
MHSNB was created as part of a transformational partnership announced in 2017 between Medavie Health Services and the Government of New Brunswick to provide New Brunswickers with a new model of primary health care delivery. By taking the services already in place and enabling them to work more closely together, we aim to improve how health care works in this province and position New Brunswick as a leading example of coordinated care.
This new model will position New Brunswick as a leader in the delivery of community and home-based health care, and will allow for more focus and emphasis on the services of the Extra-Mural Program; best practices and standardization; and technology solutions to maintain and increase excellence of care and patient experience.

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