About EfficiencyOne

EfficiencyOne isn't just an organization; it's a movement. Our organization's purpose is "Helping people build a better world through energy efficiency."

EfficiencyOne, one of Canada's Greenest Employers multi-year, is a not-for-profit organization filled with passionate, and environmentally-conscious people dedicated to supplying Nova Scotians with industry-leading, cost-effective efficiency solutions for businesses and homes. We design energy efficiency programs and services that are delivered to over 200,000 customers right here in Nova Scotia, through our network of more than 200 contractors and partners.

Join a team that cares about the health of the planet and everyone on it. We care about the immense economic impact of energy savings, as well as the impact efficiency can have on our environment and our future. By working together, we're helping Nova Scotians enjoy the good things efficiency brings and you can too.

Work with us. Make your friends green with envy.

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EfficiencyOne does not have any job openings now.