Support Services Attendant - Casual

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Shannex Health Care

Sydney, Nova Scotia

Shannex Incorporated is a leading and innovative provider of Continuing Care accommodations, and services in the Maritimes. Shannex is an expanding organization that currently employs over 4,000 people. We are on an exciting path of continued growth that will offer outstanding living choices, improved services and exceptional careers.

 We are pleased to offer and recruit for Spring 2016 the following exciting opportunity:

 Support Services Attendant - Casual

 Located in Sydney (Harbourstone Enhanced Care ) and reporting to the Support Service Manager as a part of a professional interdisciplinary team within the Shannex Enhanced Care Division. The Support Services Attendant is key to supporting our clients in our sites and upholding “Shannex Philosophy of Service”.

 The Support Services Attendant performs manual and machine operating tasks involving cleaning, and sanitizing resident rooms, offices, and public areas of the facility also is responsible for tasks involving sorting, washing, drying, and delivering clothing and linens to the resident units; performs related work as required.

 Duties & Responsibilities Include:

Sweeps dusts and mops floors and stairs.

Dusts, cleans and polishes furniture, counters, shelving, walls, and window/door ledges.

Cleans sinks, toilets and bath facilities.

Fills and replenishes supplies in resident rooms, nursing units, and rest rooms.

Empties and cleans trash receptacles and places trash in compactor and/or trash pickup area.

Sorts laundry into appropriate piles based on the type of laundry (linens, mops, personal clothing)

Operates washing machine using proper washing formulas.

Operates dryer and extractor; loads clean, wet laundry into the machine, sets dials so the laundry is dried or damp-dried appropriately and unloads the machine.

Sorts clean laundry into appropriate baskets or racks; counts linen needed for each area as per linen quota and puts on cart; notes name tags on resident clothing and puts on correct rack.

Picks up soiled laundry and delivers clean laundry to resident areas within the facility using laundry carts.

Checks laundry for tears, holes, missing buttons, etc. and forwards clothing needing repair to the seamstress.

Delivers clean resident clothing to resident rooms and puts in appropriate dresser and/or closet.

Sweeps and mops the floors in laundry area and basement and cleans sorting tables with disinfectant.

Sets up servery and dining room for meal times; serves food on the servery line.

Cleans dining area tables and chairs; refills sugar, salt and pepper containers.

Operates a dishwashing machine and arranges pans, dishes and cutlery for washing, rinsing and serving.

Portions baked goods, beverages, salads and desserts for serving.

Prepares and delivers diabetic snacks and completes preparation of night lunch cart. Delivers and retrieves juice and medication glasses to nursing units.

Completes morning and afternoon fluid passes.

Collects dirty dishes from dining areas and returns them to the servery for dishwashing.

Sweeps and mops servery and dining room floors; removes garbage and recyclables from the servery area. Completes scheduled cleaning duties as per job routines.

Stocks supplies in storage areas using “first in-first out” inventory rotation.

Completes appropriate servery documentation on a daily basis, including servery requisitions, temperature checklists, etc.

Monitors portioning and records excesses at each meal. Reports portioning variances and product acceptability indicators.

Takes every reasonable precaution to protect own health and safety and the health and safety of other persons at or near the workplace.

Follows safety, environmental and infection control practices as per facility policies.

 Requirements Include:

Grade 12 or GED

The ability to work required shifts, weekends and holidays.

“Great People Striving for Great Things” is one of the pillars of our Strategic Plan.  Shannex is committed to offering the best environment for employees where everyone takes pride in their work and in the organization. Our staff are committed to service excellence and are supported with opportunities for personal and professional growth. We are building a culture that supports the balance between work and personal life.

 We offer a comprehensive compensation package, attractive benefits plan, shift and weekend premiums, on –site parking, and flexible scheduling.

 If you are looking for an opportunity to grow your career and make your mark in a rapidly growing organization please apply by April 20 2017

 All applicants will be kept in strict confidence.

 Only those candidates selected for an interview will be contacted.