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in Saint John, NB

Saint John, NB
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Positions Available: 20


Port Saint John is seeking to fill 25 short-term contract positions to join our Cruise Welcome Crew to welcome and assist cruise passengers with destination questions this summer and fall. 

Since 1989, Port Saint John has been welcoming cruise ships and their passengers to the magnificent Bay of Fundy region. Saint John is proudly known for its friendly locals, natural wonders, and its rich historical charm. Port Saint John strives to consistently deliver on our promise, 'A Hometown Welcome, Every Time' through operational excellence on cruise ship days.

The Cruise Welcome Crew will be present for every cruise ship arrival and work a 4-hour morning shift. Shifts will be available as per the cruise schedule and Welcome Crew members will have the flexibility to request working only a few shifts per week or, up to 7 shifts per week, to a maximum of 28 hours per week.


What you will do:

· Serve as a welcoming, knowledgeable first impression to the Saint John region.

· Provide accurate and helpful information & recommendations about the Saint John region.

· Provide general directional assistance to cruise passengers inside the cruise terminal.

· Replenish maps and other promotional tools. 


Apply for this exciting role if you can answer YES to these questions:

· Are you friendly, fun and naturally outgoing?

· Do you have a passion for customer service?

· Do you have excellent communications skills?

· Do you have knowledge of Uptown Saint John and things to see & do in the Bay of Fundy region?

· Do you have experience using a tablet or iPad device?

Work With Us

We also welcome applicants who can speak in Canada's 2 official languages: French and English.

Paid destination training (2 full days), parking, and a uniform will be provided.

Company Website: http://www.sjport.com
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