Coordinator, Regulatory Affairs

Reporting to the Registrar & Director, Regulatory Affairs, the incumbent will be involved in various regulatory functions of CPA New Brunswick. In addition to monitoring compliance issues and concerns with the rules and regulations of the profession, the incumbent will respond to inquiries from stakeholders on policies and coordinates, directly and indirectly, regulatory affairs.


Public Practice/Professional Corporation Registration

  • Receive and process the application to register public practice, obtain public practice permit and professional corporation license for review and approval by the Registrar & Director, Regulatory Affairs.
  • Respond to inquiries relating to public practice, professional corporation and professional liability insurance inclusive of professional duty and compliance obligations, providing clarifications as may be necessary.
  • Prepare, on a monthly basis, a list of public practice permits issued, public practice and professional corporation registrations and provide to the Registrar & Director, Regulatory Affairs and Chief Financial Officer for revenue reconciliation.
  • Issue, receive, and process annual public practice and professional corporation renewal forms.
  • Ensure that the public practice and professional corporation registers are up to date and the online directories are updated as needed.
  • Receive information on professional liability insurance for public practices annually and update public practice record to reflect most recent insurance information
  • Ensure that obligations of public practices, professional corporations and professional liability insurance coverage obligations are available in public domain and that related information (including website) is current, accurate, and equally accessible in both official languages.


  • Direct to Practice Leaders annually a notice reminder of their obligation to secure, and to confirm to CPA New Brunswick, professional liability insurance coverage.
  • Draft non-compliance and suspension letters for the review and approval of the Registrar & Director, Regulatory Affairs.
  • Co-ordinate the monitoring activities of pre-approved training offices registered with CPA New Brunswick to ensure that the training offices are complying with the requirements of the executed agreement and providing proper training environments for candidates.

Complaints and Discipline

  • Co-ordinate planning of meetings relating to complaints and discipline and any other meetings as needed.
  • Support the Registrar & Director, Regulatory Affairs in the performance of the complaints and discipline process as needed.
  • Prepare the annual complaints and discipline report for the review and approval by the Registrar & Director, Regulatory Affairs.

Practice Inspections

  • Coordinate the practice inspection process from the inception of the inspection cycle to the end, providing administrative guidance as necessary and respond to questions or concerns of Practice Inspectors or Practice Inspection Committee members related to the inspection process. 
  • Ensure that Practice Inspectors and Practice Inspection Committee members have access to relevant resources, documents and information needed to complete the practice inspection.
  • Direct the final version of inspection reports to respective firms and respond to any inquiries relating to the inspection process. 
  • Prepare for payment invoices of Practice Inspectors and invoices to be sent to firms and direct them to the Registrar & Director, Regulatory Affairs for approval.
  • Co-ordinate planning of meetings relating to practice inspections such as orientation sessions, Practice Inspection Committee meetings, meetings with Practice Inspectors and any other meetings as needed.
  • Prepare the annual practice inspection report for review by the Registrar & Director, Regulatory Affairs

Other Duties

  • Process member's application to register for CPA Exams which includes Post Designation Public Accounting (PDPA) examination, CPA Reciprocity Education and Examination (CPARE) and other exams.
  • Participate in regional and national committees and task forces falling within the scope and expertise of regulatory and compliance regime functions (ex. CPD Standing Committee, Tax Provincial Meetings etc.).
  • Respond to, or redirect professional, practice and accounting standards inquiries from members to Registrar & Director, Regulatory Affairs.
  • Collaborate with all organizational areas to facilitate and improve member service as it relates to the compliance functions of CPAs and candidates. 
  • Create reports, summaries, and analysis with regards to compliance requirements in CPA New Brunswick regulatory documents and recommend changes to increase effectiveness and efficiency of compliance.
  • Perform other related and ancillary duties as requested by the Registrar & Director, Regulatory Affairs as the circumstances may reasonably warrant. 


• Post-secondary degree in law, commerce, business, or equivalent in related field; 

• Professional accounting designation (CPA) would be an asset; 

• Experience in accounting roles, professional and practice standards development, and/or compliance environment; and

• Proficiency in Microsoft Office (Outlook, Excel, Word, Power Point).

• Strong team player, results-driven, multi-tasker who requires minimal supervision and has the ability to work with multiple projects under tight deadlines;

• Proactive and able to continuously manage change in an extremely fast paced, energetic work environment;

• Outstanding communication and problem-solving skills and strong attention to detail;

• Above-average communication skills in both official languages;

• High level of integrity; and

• Knowledge of CPA profession regulations would be considered an asset.

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