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We are seeking an Executive Director to focus on advancing the strategic impact of the Medavie Health Foundation through the identification of funding opportunities, establishment of impact measurement, and engagement with communities and partners. A strategic brand of Medavie, the Foundation has recently defined a new direction for its funding model. This is an exciting opportunity to have a significant and meaningful influence on the wellbeing of Canadians by working in an innovative, national, not-for-profit corporation. 

This new full-time Executive Director will report directly to the Medavie CEO, and be uniquely focused on advancing the Foundation's strategic priorities, as part of the Medavie strategy. They will also work closely with Medavie's broader marketing and communications team, maintaining a link to the business and the broader community relations initiatives across Medavie as a whole, and ensuring a consistent and coordinated brand narrative.

This role can be located in any of our major office locations: Toronto, Montreal, Dartmouth, or Moncton. Bilingualism in English and French is considered to be an asset, but is not a mandatory requirement.


Medavie is a national health solutions partner that integrates benefits management, health management and health care delivery. Together, with our more than 6,400 employees, we are committed to providing innovative solutions that improve the wellbeing of Canadians.

As a not-for-profit organization, Medavie oversees Medavie Blue Cross, a premier all-in-one benefits carrier and public health program administrator, and Medavie Health Services, a national primary health care solutions organization and the largest contract provider of EMS management services in Canada.

Medavie Blue Cross, Canada's leading Blue Cross plan, provides health, dental, travel, life and disability benefits to individuals and organizations to over one million card holders. Covering more than 2.9 million Canadians and administering $3.7 billion in claims each year, we have physical operations in eight provinces and serve clients from coast-to-coast. We also administer benefits in various provinces and at the federal level.

Medavie Health Services operates ground and air ambulance services in six provinces, manages telehealth medical communications and 911 systems, community-based health solutions and public safety delivery services, and provides clinical training, including paramedic training for the Canadian Armed Forces. 


We are proud to commit an annual social dividend to the Medavie Health Foundation to support programs and initiatives aimed at addressing some of our country's most pressing physical and mental health care challenges. With a growing capital asset base approaching $60 million, and a growing disbursements budget of over $3 million per year, our Foundation is focused on investing for impact in three core cause areas that are of particular concern to Canadians and offer significant potential to affect change for future generations:

  • Adolescent mental health - We support community-based organizations in helping adolescents experiencing mental health challenges, including post-secondary mental health, access the support they need to live their best lives. 
  • Post-traumatic stress - We support families of serving and retired members of the Canadian Armed Forces and first responders impacted by post-traumatic stress.
  • Healthy Living - We believe by supporting community based initiatives that promote healthy eating, active living, and improved access to healthy food choices and physical literacy we can directly improve people's health.

Since late 2011, through our Foundation, Medavie has committed more than $15 million to over 100 organizations offering programs in our core cause areas. Initiatives we have funded include:

  • Toronto Rehab and the Acceleration 2.0 e-health solution 
  • Trillium Health partners and the KidFit Health and Wellness Clinic 
  • Dans la Rue and wraparound mental health supports for at-risk youth
  • Discovery Centre and the Medavie Health Gallery
  • Chances Family Centre and their community-based health clinic

Medavie Health Foundation Board of Directors:

  • Kim West, Chair - President, Royer Thompson Management & Human Resources Consulting, NS
  • Shari Austin - Principal Consultant, Shari Austin & Company, ON
  • Michael B. Decter - President & Chief Executive Officer, LDIC Inc., ON
  • Bernard Lord - Chief Executive Officer, Medavie, NB
  • Marian Walsh - Retired, Assoc. CEO & Chief Transformation Officer, Sinai Health System, ON


A self-assured leader who demonstrates the capacity and capability to engage others in achieving meaningful outcomes, the successful candidate will invest time and effort in building community and partner relationships in order to effectively move the impact of the Foundation forward. The Executive Director will play a key role in identifying thought leadership and convening opportunities to advance knowledge, practice, and awareness of the health areas in support of Medavie's overall strategy. 

The ideal candidate will demonstrate sound business acumen, and a strong awareness of the symbiotic relationship with Medavie. Trusting and trustworthy, the successful candidate will develop an understanding of the core business of Medavie, and will proactively partner with colleagues to maintain a strong alignment between the Foundation and Medavie. Experienced working in a complex, matrixed organization, the Executive Director will draw on the knowledge, passion, and talents of the Board, management, and employees.

The successful candidate will build the capacity of the Foundation in order to elevate our corporate brand and impact. The new incumbent will work collaboratively with Medavie's marketing and communications function to ensure sustained promotion of Foundation investments and initiatives to increase the brand profile of Medavie as a whole.

As one of the key public representatives of the Foundation, the ideal candidate will be a confident, credible, and clear communicator. The successful candidate will be an effective storyteller with a versatile style that allows for effective engagement in a wide variety of communities and situations.

Possessing previous experience working with and supporting Boards and executive teams, the Executive Director will engage the Board and colleagues in meaningful discussion about strategy, impact, collaboration, and partnerships. The successful candidate will encourage and value fact-based, data-informed decision making. An astute and pragmatic advisor, the Executive Director will bring clear recommendations that are both aligned with our strategic objectives and allow for maximization of impact.

The ideal candidate will streamline and maximize effectiveness of our Foundation activities, ensuring the right resources, systems, and processes are put in place to allow for effective growth. With both interest and experience in outcomes-based investing and impact measurement, the Executive Director will establish and evolve an effective impact framework. 

The successful candidate will possess a strong personal alignment with Medavie's corporate values, and will appreciate the caring, community-minded culture of the corporation. Embedding the Foundation in the hearts and minds of employees, the Executive Director will strive to involve employees in volunteering with the Foundation and its partners as a means to further build pride, engagement, and community connections. 

Passionate about social change, the ideal candidate will bring a deep interest in healthcare, and a broad understanding of healthcare policies and practices across the country. The successful candidate will ideally be knowledgeable about issues, research, and evolving practices in the core causes on which Medavie focuses. Previous experience in grant-making is essential in this role, and a strong sense of the corporate philanthropy landscape is expected. 


In this role, the Executive Director will be responsible for the strategy, planning, supervision, and success of our funding investments. To support Medavie's mission, vision and priorities, the Executive Director will be expected to:

  • Maintain strong alignment of the Foundation with Medavie's overall strategic priorities and direction.
  • Guide and support the Board and CEO in the strategic evolution of the Foundation. 
  • Oversee and direct the overall funding strategy. This includes:
    • Managing the annual disbursements budget in a manner that reflects the funding model and geographic footprint of the operating companies, including making investment recommendations to the Board and CEO.
    • Developing and implementing an approach for measurement and reporting on community and collective impact. 
    • Actively identifying potential convening, sponsorship, and thought leadership opportunities to support the Medavie strategy, and provide leadership to any such activities.
  • Engage in public and stakeholder relations activities related to Foundation core cause areas in order to further advance and expand on Medavie's growing ecosystem.
  • Champion the Foundation within the organization, encouraging both leadership and employees to participate in and celebrate Foundation investments and activities, including volunteer opportunities with Foundation partners.
  • Maintain effective collaborative working relationships with colleagues across the organization, drawing upon and leveraging expertise in areas such as finance, marketing communications, human resources, information technology, and so forth.
    • In particular, work collaboratively with Medavie's marketing and communications function to ensure sustained promotion of Foundation investments and initiatives across all key stakeholder groups and marketing communications channels, and to align Medavie's overall corporate citizenship under a single narrative that advances both employee engagement and our brand.
  • Provide direction, supervision, inspiration, and mentoring for Foundation staff, empowering and encouraging them to do great work for the Foundation.
  • Engage and support the Foundation Board, ensuring they are well informed, and that their skills, knowledge, and connections are leveraged effectively for the Foundation's benefit.

This position will involve periodic travel; candidates must have the interest and flexibility to do this. A valid driver's license is required for this role.


KCI (Ketchum Canada Inc.) has been retained to conduct this search on behalf of Medavie Health Foundation. For more information about this leadership opportunity, please contact Sylvie Battisti, Vice-President, Search + Talent, via email at: medavie@kcitalent.com.

To view the full Executive Brief, please visit: www.kcitalent.com

Interested candidates are asked to please send resume and letter of interest to the email address listed above before March 16, 2020. All inquiries and applications will be held in strict confidence.

For further information about Medavie, please visit our website at www.medavie.ca. We also invite you to view our corporate video.

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