Laundry and Environmental Services Worker Casual

Description of Grand View Manor:

GVM is a non-profit long term care home with 5 nursing home units, 142 residents, and over 200 staff. One of the units is a secure unit for people with dementia and wandering behavior. We also have an attached assisted living complex (30 units), and an enriched housing complex (40 units). GVM staffing includes Nursing (Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, Continuing Care Assistants), Dietary / Food Services, Environmental Services (Laundry, Housekeeping, Maintenance), Chaplaincy, Recreation, OT/PT/PTA and Administrative Support.


Manager of Environmental Services

Housekeeping and Laundry Responsibilities:

May include the following:

· Cleaning residents' rooms including bed, bedrails, mattresses, outside surface of bedside tables and bureaus, light shades, mirrors, windows and window ledges, baseboards, pictures, walls, chairs and shampooing fabric chairs.

· Collecting garbage in the morning and check throughout the day and before 2:15 pm

· Sweeping, mopping, scrubbing, stripping, waxing and polishing floors.

· Washing drapes or hanging outside to air.

· Complete cleaning of bathroom: tubs, sinks, toilets, mirrors, light shades, walls, floors, vents and replenishing paper products.

· Checking exit doors if used.

· Tidy and touch up nurses' station and sweep and scrub the floor.

· Complete cleaning of corridors, janitor's closet and janitor carts, wheelchairs and fans.

· Read housekeeping communication clipboard on unit first thing in the morning.

· Knowing the proper cleaning materials for windows, floors, light shades, bathroom facilities, etc. and to know where to use a germicidal cleaner.

· Communicating with nursing department as to a convenient time to clean a residents' room or have residents removed from their room.

· Floor buffer, walk behind Taski scrubber, vacuum, carpet shampooer.

· Communicating and planning your work schedule with your director and co-workers.

· Knowledge of WHMIS and the workplace Safety Data Sheets

· Reporting to maintenance when equipment is not working properly.

· Proper care of all equipment.

· Stocking cleaning carts.

· Personal appearance.

· Respect for residents and staff members-use "Attention "signs.

· Using good judgement as to what you repeat in your conversation outside in the community.

· The ability to take direction and learn procedures, communicate with coworkers.

· Washing /drying /folding and delivery of personal clothes and linens

· Labeling of residents clothes.

· Mending personals and linens.

· Collecting soiled laundry from units.

· Sorting soiled laundry.

· Loading & unloading of washer /dryers.

· Folding personals and linens.

· Stocking carts and delivery of clean laundry to units.

· General sewing, (hemming, mending etc.)


· Minimum Grade 10 completion, no formal education required but must be able to read, write, ability to access schedule online .Able to follow oral, written and electronic instructions. Ability to perform routine tasks. Ability to communicate effectively with coworkers and residents.

· Physical demands: Standing, squatting, bending, twisting, lifting (wet linens, moving furniture etc.)And walking short distances at a time throughout the day.

· Previous experience in similar roles is an asset.

Please submit Resumes to:

Vicki Hannaj

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