Fulfillment Manager

As the Fulfillment Manager for Eigen, you will be responsible for managing the procurement and delivery of hardware solutions for our customer applications. This role requires expertise and knowledge of industrial equipment and technology that is designed for Industry 4.0 solutions in large manufacturing facilities combined with a strong knowledge of logistics.

The Fulfillment Manager role is critical to the timely delivery of solutions for customers and will require working closely with Eigen Customer and Delivery teams to plan and manage the fulfillment of equipment to customer facilities around the world.


The scope of this role will encompass every aspect of fulfillment, including:

Procurement Management

  • Sourcing hardware solutions based on customer requirements
  • Working with Eigen Engineers to review and approve hardware solutions
  • Working with purchasing to negotiate costs and orders
  • Working with vendors to expedite hardware and supplies for solutions
  • Managing lead times for hardware in order to maintain delivery dates to customers
  • Automating procurement and requisition procedures

Inventory Management

  • Managing and maintaining storage of inventory and physical assets
  • Maintaining strict auditable record and order of all hardware and supply within Eigen back office systems
  • Tracking all hardware and supply deployed to customer premises, including establishing service schedules and hardware refresh schedules for assets serviced by Eigen contracts
  • Managing all hardware and supply returned and/or shipped for repair
  • Working with purchasing and finance to integrate inventory systems into office accounting systems

Assembly, Integration, and Quality Control

  • Sourcing and managing 3rd party external builds and assembly of equipment
  • Pre-assembly: light integration and installation of equipment prior to shipment to customers, including physical mounting, software imaging, and integration testing
  • Producing installation guides and instructions for field operations and customers
  • Remote support of field operations for installation and commissioning of solutions
  • Working with development operations to assist in supporting the logistics of platform setup and configuration of customer tenants and registration of Eigen equipment to platform services

Logistics and Shipping / Receiving

  • Preparing equipment and supply for safe and secure transport to customer sites
  • Working with shippers to produce time and cost estimate options for hardware and supply delivery to customer sites
  • Completing and providing documentation for shipments, including fulfilling requirements for export of hardware to international jurisdictions (some "dual-use" equipment will require export permits before it can be shipped to international customers)
  • Ensuring appropriate coverage as per incoterms for ownership and insurance is established for all customer shipments
  • Providing shipping estimates to business development and sales proposals
  • Optimizing and consolidating logistics management in order to minimize costs and delivery times
  • Managing logistics for equipment and asset returns from customer sites
  • Ensuring proper tracking and traceability of cost allocations for customer shipments

Warranty and Repair

  • Working with suppliers to establish warranty terms and return authorization for repairs and replacements
  • Working with Sales and Customer Success teams to establish and extend warranty terms for assets deployed to customer sites
  • Managing returns and repairs from customers, and working with suppliers for repair authorizations


  • Post-secondary education in technology and/or administration
  • Expertise in industrial automation equipment and supply, and strong expertise with information technology solutions
  • Expertise in logistics and familiarity with incoterms and import/export regulations
  • Ability to effectively prioritize and execute on the needs of multiple clients simultaneously and manage time independently
  • Strong project management skills including attention to detail and ability to produce detailed documents and reports with strong oral and written proficiency
  • Ability to pick up and develop expert understanding and proficiency with new technologies
  • Ability to work in an agile team-based environment and establish good working relationships with peers is essential
  • Light physical labour is required in this role
  • This is a full-time position in Eigen's Fredericton office

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