Orthopedic Technologist (Permanent Full Time), SJRH COMB MS Clinic

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COMPETITION #: 2018-34687b External
ZONE: Saint John 
FACILITY: Saint John Regional Hospital
POSTING TYPE: Permanent Full Time
JOB TITLE: Orthopedic Technologist
CLASSIFICATION: Orthopedic Technologist (3035)
LANGUAGE: English Essential
HOURS OF WORK: Day; Night; Rotating, Subject to change due to operational requirements
SALARY: $23.1388 to $24.9071 per hour


To perform the functions of an Orthopedic Technologist in the Ambulatory Clinic setting incorporating established guidelines, procedures and departmental policies for daily practice.

To manage in-patient Orthopedic Technologist consults as appropriate.


  • Must be registered by Canadian Society of Orthopedic Technologist (CSOT) or willing to obtain registration within 24 months of employment.
  • Nursing or Medical background such as allied health· care is required.
  • Must have basic knowledge of anatomy and physiology related to orthopaedics, orthopaedic diseases and related principles of patient care, orthopaedic injuries and related principles of patient care, basic nursing functions, aseptic techniques, responsibilities as related to legal and medical ethics, office, departmental and hospital procedures.
  • Previous orthopedic experience is desirable.
  • Must have knowledge and experience in urological I surgical based procedures
  • Proven initiative and good judgement
  • Ability to communicate effectively and collaborate with all members of the health care team (physicians, nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists)
  • Ability to interact effectively with support service departments (Surgical Services, Diagnostic Imaging)
  • Ability to communicate effectively with patients and the general public
  • Ability to teach in formal and informal situations
  • Proper regard for confidentiality
  • Ability to attend work on a regular basis.
  • Ability to perform the duties of the position·:
  • Good work record.
  • Written and spoken competence in English is required


  • Anatomy and physiology related to Orthopedics/Plastics
  • Orthopedic diseases and related principles of patient care
  • Orthopedic injuries and related principles of patient care
  • Basic nursing functions
  • Aseptic techniques
  • Knowledge of Horizon policies and procedures
  • Casting and splinting
  • Wound care knowledge and management skills including the provision of service to plastic surgery patients Under the direction of an Orthopedic Surgeon, Urologist, or a Plastic· Surgeon:

The Orthopedic Technologist is responsible for:

  • Cast application, adjustment a·nc .. Jmoval, repair of casts, application of walking devices, bi-valving, wedging and windowing cast.
  • Remove dressings and assess condition of the wound prior to cast application, consulting with the physician for further orders when problems are .identified ...
  • Assist in the application, maintenance and adjustment of traction in consultation for in-patients.
  • Removal of sutures, staples, pins and adjustments related to external fixation.
  • Maintenance and use of orthopedic equipment, and the man¿gement of orthopedic supplies.
  • Knowledge with regards to fabricatirn and application of required splints, bandages, i.e. finger splints, velcro bandages, pressure dressings, hume1a1 splints, knee splints, etc.
  • Application of specialized casts, i.e. fracture brace, body cast, hip spika, serial castings.
  • Application and removal of halo body cast.
  • Assist in basic wound care and injury management of plastics patients
  • Knowledge and application of operating room for orthopedic, plastics and urology procedures.
  • Performs uroflows and bladder scans.
  • Inserts and removes urinary catheter and instructs patient on catheter care.
  • Prepares and labels specimens
  • Completes requisitions for tests such as x-ray or lab work.
  • Participates in departmental staff meetings.
  • Participates in quality·care initiatives.
  • Participates in workload measurement documentation. 

The Orthopedic Technologist provides patient/family teaching by:

  • Independently teaching patient/family on the care of cast, slab or brace, and care of skin, based on knowledge of potential problems, and follow-up assessment of the patient/family learning needs.
  • Reinforcing the teaching or medical information conveyed by the physician to the patient/family regarding the
  • specific injury, treatment plan and expected outcomes.
  • Responding to telephone inquiries from patients/families by providing information or referring a problem to the appropriate member of the healthcare team.

The Orthopedic Technologist functiol Collaboratively with other members of the healthcare team by:

  • Utilizing interpersonal and communitacion skills to establish effective helping relationships with patients/families.
  • Effectively organizing and prioritizing workload to provide timely care to patients in the high volume, rapid turnover Orthopedic Services.
  • Working under the direct supervision of an orthopedic/plastic surgeon.
  • Collaborating with health professionals such as physicians, nurses, physiotherapists and occupational therapists as required, to provide optimum patient care.
  • Integrating regularly with support service departments such as Medical Records, Radiology and SPD to obtain needed resources and to facilitate the flow of patient care.
  • Assisting with procedures in the operating room.

The Orthopedic Technologist participates in ongoing education and development by

  • Completing self -appraisals and identifying objectives annually.
  • Identifying and seeking opportunities to meet continuous education needs
  • Keeping informed of changes in casting equipment and material, and new procedures.
  • Maintaining annual re-certification in the CSOT.
  • Providing on-the-job instruction and demonstration of casting/splinting techniques to other healthcare professionals, such as medical students and Residents upon request.
  • Annual e-leaming and BLS

Applications for this position must be submitted on-line by October 14, 2018.

NOTE: There will be no further postings for this position should there be no fully qualified applicants. If you wish to be considered for this position and have most of the qualifications as posted and the registration or licensure where required, you are encouraged to apply at this time.

Please quote Competition # 2018-34687b-External. Horizon Health Network appreciates expressed interest, however, only candidates considered for an interview will be contacted. Human Resources Department, Horizon Health Network.

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