Licensed Practical Nurses (Part-time, non-guaranteed hours)

The Kenneth E. Spencer Memorial Home requires Licensed Practical Nurses Offering part-time, non-guaranteed hours.

LPN's are required for our 200 bed long-term residential care facility. The Interdisciplinary Team provides a range of services for clients and an opportunity for LPN's to practice their full scope of practice as they collaboration with nurse practitioner, physician, pharmacy, rehabilitation team, dietician, and a range of other services for clients. Programs are flexible and client centered.

Successful candidates must have the ability to promote a positive safe work environment and establish effective working relationships.


  • Eligible for active registration with the Association of New Brunswick LPN
  • Knowledge of gerontology
  • Good previous work record
  • Mentally and physically capable of performing assigned duties
  • Neat and clean appearance
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to work in a team setting
  • Ability to take direction
  • Leadership abilities
  • Knowledgeable of Health & Safety Act.
  • Back In Form training (as provided in LPN curriculum)

Nature of Position:

  • Participates as a member of the interdisciplinary team in providing nursing care to residents.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Organizational Responsibilities:

  • Demonstrates knowledge of the Mission and Philosophy of the Nursing Home, and conducts his/her work in a manner consistent with this Mission and Philosophy.
  • Demonstrates knowledge of and performs his/her work according to the Nursing Home's Policies and Procedures.
  • Assists in orientation of new personnel and new residents
  • Utilizes Home's resources, such as supplies and equipment, economically and safely.
  • Participates in the Nursing Home's continuous quality improvement program to improve residents, staff, department, and facility performance outcomes.
  • Participates in multi-disciplinary team meetings. Ensure follow up of recommendations from meetings.

Nursing Responsibilities:

  • Utilizes the nursing process within established scope of practise in providing resident care.


  • Observes, collects, and reports information regarding the resident; conducts basic interviews. I.e. monitor residents intake, obtains and record resident's weight. monitors and calibrates oxygen therapy as ordered. Assesses, monitors and documents resident's health condition and behaviour. Reports finding to RN.
  • Performs wound/skin assessments and initiates the appropriate treatment in collaboration with the RN.


  • Organizes his/her clinical workload, participates in planning care and setting priorities for carrying out assigned work. I.E. Follow established bowel care routines.


  • Participates in carrying out resident care plan and all assigned work
  • Provides assistance to residents in activities of daily living such as bathing and toileting.
  • Ensures resident independence, safety, dignity and comfort. Responds to call bells, assists resident at meal time including tray set-up, feeding and supervision of residents.
  • Performs medication administration and treatments documenting on medical records as per protocol and within the LPN Scope of Practice Standards under the direction of the Registered Nurse.
  • Assists residents with prosthetics, hearing aids, mobilization and exercises. Transport resident to and from in-house activities.
  • Administer tube feeding as per orders, perform and record glucose monitoring, provide catheterization and catheter care. Collect specimens such as urine, sputum and stool.
  • Provides palliative care to resident and support to the family. Provides post mortem care.
  • Evaluation:
  • Participates in evaluating care by observing, reporting and recording resident responses on the Flow Sheets and the Health Care Record.
  • Maintains resident confidentiality and respects the resident's right to privacy.
  • Evaluates resident safety needs in consultation with RN and Multidisciplinary team.

Professional Responsibilities:

  • Attends in-services and staff meetings
  • Maintains own professional development

Other Related Duties:

  • Provides guidance and direction to other care team members and assistance to the Resident Attendant in completion of daily assignments.
  • Organizes staff assignments equalizing workload among staff
  • Informs the RN of any information regarding change in resident status and concerns of visitors
  • Receives and relays messages
  • Maintains a clean and tidy environment for residents such as cleaning tubs, basins, bedpans, urinals, wheelchairs and other resident equipment.
  • Replenishes supplies such as incontinent products, laundry and linen carts.
  • Assist residents with packing and unpacking of belongings upon admission and transfer.
  • Collects garbage and disposes of waste.
  • Develops and maintains good interpersonal and communication skills and utilizes these skills in work with residents, families, volunteers, visitors, and other staff in the Nursing Home.

Please submit resume to:

Director of Human Resources 
K. E. Spencer Memorial Home Inc.
35 Atlantic Baptist Avenue
Moncton, NB E1E 4N3

Only successful applicants will be contacted.

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