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SPIELO International IGT provides a comprehensive suite of gaming products, including machine gaming, systems, interactive, sports betting, and lotteries. It designs, manufactures and distributes top-performing games, cabinets, central systems and associated software to legal gaming markets around the world through its SPIELO product brand. The SPIELO brand represents a complete range of end-to-end gaming products for diverse gaming segments, including distributed government-sponsored markets, commercial casino markets, and Amusement With Prize (AWP) markets. For more information, please visit www.igt.com. For information about SPIELO products, visit www.spielo.com

At IGT we strive to hire and retain the best and brightest. To achieve this, we ensure our talented team enjoys their work. We provide everyone with the opportunity to expand their skills and develop into creative leaders. We believe our success hinges on having the right people in the right environment.

If you are looking for an exciting and dynamic career with an innovative gaming company, keep reading to learn more about how a job with IGT offers opportunities for growth, team spirit, benefits and perks, community support and great quality of life.


Interested in joining IGT? Check out one of the exciting opportunities listed below:

We Offer:

  • Industry-competitive salaries
  • Eligibility for extended group benefits
  • Employment Equity and Workplace Diversity
  • Relaxed working atmosphere
  • Work/Life Balance encouraged
  • Activities led by employees for employees
  • Conferences, professional development, corporate discounts and other perks
  • Free parking, onsite cafeterias and fitness facilities in some locations
  • IGT is a "Green" company. We have many corporate initiatives to reduce the effect that our daily work has on the environment.
  Career Title Location Date Posted Region

    Software Eng (Dev) III  Moncton 2020-01-21 New Brunswick
    TeleComm Eng IV  Moncton 2020-01-21 New Brunswick
    Game Designer II  Moncton 2020-01-20 New Brunswick
    Bilingual (French/English) Call Center Associate II - Canada  Toronto 2020-01-19 Ontario
    Software Eng (Dev) III  Moncton 2020-01-19 New Brunswick
    QA Auditor III  Moncton 2020-01-18 New Brunswick
    Software Eng (Dev) II  Concord 2020-01-18 Ontario
    Software Eng (Dev) III  Concord 2020-01-16 Ontario
    Field Service Tech II  Toronto 2020-01-15 Ontario
    Project Mgr (Design) III  Moncton 2020-01-14 New Brunswick
    Field Service Tech II  Sudbury 2020-01-14 Ontario
    Field Service Tech II  Multiple Locations 2020-01-12
    Content Manager  Moncton 2020-01-12 New Brunswick
    TeleComm Eng IV  Multiple Locations 2020-01-12
    Online Poker Coordinator  Toronto 2020-01-12 Ontario
    Product Manager V  Moncton 2020-01-10 New Brunswick
    Software Eng (Dev) III  Moncton 2020-01-08 New Brunswick
    Softare Eng (Dev) III  Moncton 2020-01-08 New Brunswick
    Sys Design Architect III  Moncton 2020-01-07 New Brunswick
    Software Eng (Dev) II  Moncton 2020-01-07 New Brunswick
    Software Eng (Dev) II  Moncton 2020-01-07 New Brunswick
    Game Mathematician II  Moncton 2019-12-29 New Brunswick

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