About Saint Mary's
University of Choice for aspiring citizens of the world

Saint Mary's University is a mid-sized Canadian university of 7,200 students located in the south end of Halifax Nova Scotia. We are regarded as one of Canada's foremost primarily undergraduate universities.

For over 200 years the university has been turning some of the world's best and brightest students into global citizens. We combine a rich history of academic excellence with a solid international reputation. Our size means we can offer personalized attention to students in an inspiring environment in the heart of the city. As one of the oldest universities in Canada, the institution prides itself on creating a learning environment that encourages students to exceed their potential. We have a history of providing students with a solid academic foundation that allows them to find great jobs and pursue their dreams. We also take pride in our many accessibility initiatives.

One of Saint Mary's most distinguishing characteristics is its global focus. In keeping with its vision - to be the University of Choice for aspiring citizens of the world - Saint Mary's is expanding its global reach at an unprecedented rate. One of Canada's most international campuses, Saint Mary's boasts more than 1,000 international students and has forged more than 40 international partnership agreements.


Saint Mary's University offers a broad range of both undergraduate and graduate programs, as well as many professional programs. The University offers sixty majors derived from the Faculties of Arts, Commerce and Science. The university is home to one of the largest Faculty of Arts in Atlantic Canada and a progressive Science Faculty that is providing advanced teaching and research space to engage students in collaborative learning and research. Saint Mary's is also renowned for its Sobey School of Business that provides an exceptional business program in marketing, accounting, human resources, banking and finance.

Attracting the best and brightest faculty & staff

Saint Mary's University is committed to academic and research excellence. Our staff and faculty of 950 are recruited on the strength of their professional and academic qualifications - in addition to the expertise and experience they can bring to the university.

Campus Life

We like to think of Saint Mary's as a microcosm of the world that awaits you. It starts with a stroll across our lush, green campus - all contained within one city block. We are a small community with an international state of mind. Our faculty are recruited from the best around the world. And it's easy to get around since every office is within 5 minutes walking distance.

For aspiring citizens of the world, Saint Mary's has a single vision and commitment to you - one university. We provide unlimited possibilities to the world - one world. Being part of Saint Mary's vibrant, tight-knit community, the world becomes yours to grasp. That's why we say 'One University. One World. Yours.'

Living in Halifax

Nestled on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, this cosmopolitan port city offers the best of two worlds - a rich history with a close connection to the sea and a vibrant, young culture. As Nova Scotia's capital, Halifax is the major centre of the Maritimes and is the largest city east of Quebec City and north of Boston. With its steep streets, stunning harbour, and the famous Citadel overlooking the city, Halifax is renowned for its beauty and character.

Cool City
  • Explosive music scene
  • Over 450 great restaurants
  • Museums & galleries
  • Pub & Club city
  • Exciting city life yet is only a twenty minute drive to the gorgeous Nova Scotia countryside
Smart City

Halifax has built its economic base on knowledge industries. With a highly educated workforce, that's a high collective IQ. Here's more:

  • 81.1 post-secondary students per 1000 people, three times the national average
  • The highest rate in Canada of a working population with post-secondary education - over 60%
  • Halifax is accessible - it's only a few hours by plane to Boston, New York, London

Nova Scotia has a temperate climate, with pleasant springs, colorful falls, and a summer that brings an average high temperature of 22° C (73° F). Winters are never too cold to enjoy great outdoor activity, and we get just enough snow to have fun. Average temperatures during the winter months of December to March range from -5 to -1° C.


Nova Scotia is home to some of the world's most beautiful natural sites. From sandy beaches and headland cliffs to pristine lakes and lush farmland, the province boasts an array of year-round recreational opportunities. Cycling, kayaking and hiking are all popular summer activities, while the winter months offer cross country and downhill skiing, snowshoeing or skating on some of our numerous ponds and lakes. Leisure time in the city can also be spent browsing some of our great shops and cafes, or checking out our numerous galleries and museums.

Applying for Employment with Saint Mary's University

The University invites applications from all qualified individuals. Saint Mary's University is committed to the principles of Employment Equity.

To ensure you are considered for the correct competition when eligible to apply, select the opportunity you are interested in and qualified for. Click on the "Apply now on-online" button to the right-hand side of the posting and follow the application instructions. Please submit the following information for each position:

  • A cover letter
  • A current resume with the name and contact information of three professional references

Submissions must be received by 4:30 PM on the closing date. Late applications will not be accepted. No telephone calls please.

Saint Mary's University thanks all applicants for applying. Only those selected for an interview will be contacted.

Saint Mary's University withholds the right not to fill posted positions.