Riverview is a town of just 20,000. That's pretty cozy. So we can't take everyone-though we do try to be accommodating. Those who find a place for themselves, their family, or their business, well, they know how lucky they are. Here, a pristine environment, active lifestyle, commitment to sustainability, and urban proximity combine in an almost impossibly alluring way.

We're a town. Through and through.

What's in a name? In a word, everything. A town has a casual, comfortable, familiar warmth of spirit. A town is defined by the down-to-earth values of helpfulness, care, and respect. A town is physically charming, and alive with the genuine humanity that can only come from really knowing your neighbours.

Riverview is outside the city.

This is a place for people who appreciate the physical, mental, and spiritual value of being embraced by nature. Our community is bordered on three sides by the Acadian forest, and by the Petitcodiac River on our northern boundary. Here, large lots on streets lined with big old trees put you in the centre of untamed (but often groomed) wilderness-and still a stone's throw from urban New Brunswick.

Low impact living.

We don't pay lip service to the importance of sustainability. In fact, we quite literally walk the walk. Our people value a pristine environment, the ability to choose active transportation, and a rich future for their children. It's why the town of Riverview has implemented-and updates-sustainability plans, programs, and celebrations. We hold ourselves to a high sustainability standard. Because there is no other choice.

We'll put some coffee on.

Come on in. Take off your coat. Sit down and make yourself at home. Everyone in Riverview genuinely wants you-new residents, businesses, and visitors-to feel welcome. Yes, we're ridiculously friendly. But that's why being here feels as comfortable and warm as it does. Another cup?

Whether you're a resident of Riverview or not, when you work with the Town, you have a direct impact on this place so many call home. Working with the Town is a rewarding and meaningful way to contribute to making Riverview the incredible community we all know and want it to be.

See the impact of your work on an entire community!

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