Nova Scotia Power

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It takes energy to make energy.

At Nova Scotia Power we know that our greatest source of energy is our people. We're committed to providing exceptional service to our customers and rewarding jobs to our employees in a culture focused on safety. We're hiring forward thinking people excited to help us grow into the future.

Our team of dedicated employees is a great mix of lengthy experience and new energy, working in trades and professional positions throughout the province. Our employees are committed to doing great work and having some fun on the job.

For more than 80 years, NS Power has been the main electricity provider for Nova Scotians. Supplying 95% of the electrical generation, transmission and distribution in the province, NS Power provides safe, dependable sources of energy to its 482,000 customers.

NS Power is the principal operating subsidiary of Emera, with 1,700 employees, $3.5 billion in assets and a fleet that includes thermal, tidal and hydro plants as well as combustion and wind turbines.

Join us. Visit to find out how you can help harness energy everywhere.

  Career Title Location Date Posted Region

    INTERMEDIATE BUS SYS ANALYST  Halifax 2019-08-23 Nova Scotia
    Interm. Business Sys. Analyst  Halifax 2019-08-22 Nova Scotia
    INTRADAY ANALYST  Halifax 2019-08-22 Nova Scotia
    Engineering Co-op Student  Halifax 2019-08-22 Nova Scotia
    Manager, Regulatory  Halifax 2019-08-22 Nova Scotia
    Co-op General  Halifax 2019-08-22 Nova Scotia
    Engineering Co-op Student  Halifax 2019-08-21 Nova Scotia
    Co-op Engineering  Halifax 2019-08-21 Nova Scotia
    Jr. Business Analyst (Co-op)  Halifax 2019-08-20 Nova Scotia
    UTILITYWORKER SHIFT  Point Aconi 2019-08-16 Nova Scotia