Corporate Overview
The Lounsbury legacy in New Brunswick dates back to 1878. From our origins in Miramichi, Lounsbury has successful retail operations in eight cities and towns in New Brunswick, covering the entire province from north to south. Lounsbury's largest presence is in Moncton, the location of its home office. Lounsbury's greatest accomplishment is perhaps that we have grown our business in a diverse environment of bilingual communities with differing socio-economic demands. Lounsbury Group employs over 425 employees in its five General Motors dealerships, two heavy-duty truck dealerships, three home furnishing stores and our own independent leasing company. The principals are the owners of the company, and bring enthusiasm, experience and diversity to ensure a successful business climate permeates the organization. This structure fosters enthusiastic debate with respect to business issues ultimately leading to more thorough decisions for the business. The Lounsbury name has universal awareness in the region and we have developed a reputation which is synonymous with exceptional quality and service. We are a company which has rejuvenated itself continuously to remain leaders in our respective businesses. The benefit of our legacy and current presence is that our network of operations covers the region and our corporate goodwill has enabled us to develop strong relationships in the communities we serve.

Company Description
Lounsbury Company Limited is comprised of four operating companies:

- Lounsbury Automotive Limited
- Lounsbury Heavy-Duty Truck Limited
- Lounsbury Leasing Limited
- Lounsbury Furniture Limited

While all four operating companies are distinct and diverse in nature, they share a single Mission Statement:

To enthusiastically serve our community by delivering quality, value and service.

Lounsbury Company Limited is a privately held holding company which provides management services such as treasury and banking, procurement services, human resource and benefits administration and information technology services to the operating companies. This allows the operating units to focus on customer relationships and growing sales. The officers, directors and key managers have a vested financial interest and personal commitment to the success of the group.
Lounsbury Automotive Limited is the operating company for General Motors dealerships in New Brunswick. Our relationship began in 1915 when we became the Chevrolet dealer for the company's whole territory. We are the largest GM dealership group in Maritime Canada with dealerships in Moncton, Shediac, Miramichi, Bathurst and Dalhousie.
Lounsbury Heavy-Duty Truck Limited is the operating company for the Volvo/Mack line of heavy-duty trucks. Our success as a Volvo dealer in Moncton resulted in us being awarded the Mack franchise in 2002 and led to a successful expansion into the Fredericton market. Several of the leading transportation companies in Atlantic Canada are among our customers. We are a recognized leader within the Volvo/Mack dealer network and have received several acknowledgements and awards nationally. Our two dealerships are located in Moncton and Fredericton.
Lounsbury Leasing Limited is the operating company for our independently owned leasing company. This company is based in Moncton and provides a full range of leasing and financial services to our automotive and truck customers.
Lounsbury Furniture Limited is the operating business for our independently run furniture stores. Our three locations throughout the province are in Moncton, Miramichi, and Saint John. Today our upscale stores carry a complete array of home furnishings and include such brands as La-Z-Boy, Palliser, DécoreRest, Serta, Frigidaire and Whirlpool.

Our Expertise
Quite simply our expertise is understanding and delivering on consumer needs and desires. Today, it is not enough simply to open your doors and expect customers to appear. The retail business today is about adapting and anticipating your customer's needs and exceeding the level of quality and service they expect. Today's consumers are more sophisticated than ever before and the successful retailer is adapting the technology and sales processes to accommodate them. At Lounsbury we understand the reality of the new consumer and are focused on exceeding their expectations of us in all our business units.
Our Values
Lounsbury has a very strong legacy of community involvement. Through partnerships, sponsorships and donations to youth groups, culture and arts, and health care, Lounsbury has always played a leadership role in the community. And it is not accomplished simply by writing a cheque. Our people are personally motivated to get involved in the communities we serve, which is a great source of pride for our company. They are leaders in all areas of the community, chairing the local United Way, serving on the local hospital foundations and being active in many youth organizations such as the local YMCA.
Our People
Our success lies in our people's ability to adapt to the dynamic nature of the New Brunswick market. We have tremendous strength in our management team and throughout the organization. At present we have a very energetic group of managers who are looking for the next challenging opportunity in their careers. We are searching for the growth opportunities that fit with both our corporate vision and the need to move these individuals into new roles. We are able to attract and retain our people because we have the corporate values and culture that attract exceptional candidates. Given the bilingual nature of New Brunswick's workforce, we are proud of our success in attracting a quality bilingual team, many of whom have spent their entire career with Lounsbury. We have complete employee benefits packages, including health and dental, short and long-term disability and life insurance. It is our firm belief that by caring for our employees they will care for our customers in a way that ensures our future success.

  Career Title Location Date Posted Region

    Furniture Delivery Driver  Moncton 2018-10-17 New Brunswick
    Appointment Coordinator  Dieppe 2018-10-10 New Brunswick
    Sales Manager  Atholville 2018-09-28 New Brunswick
    Financial & Insurance Manager  Dalhousie 2018-09-25 New Brunswick
    Sales Consultant  Atholville 2018-09-24 New Brunswick