Lockheed Martin Canada
Lockheed Martin Canada

Who We Are

Lockheed Martin Corporation has been a valued partner in Canada with a business presence first established in 1937. Today, more than 500 professionals work in locations across the country in support of all branches of the Canadian Forces.

Lockheed Martin Canada is the prime contractor for the modernization of the combat systems on-board the HALIFAX Class frigates. Awarded in 2008, the company is today working in partnership with the navy and shipyards on both west and east coasts to replace major critical sensors, command and control systems, modernize the operations room and deliver a suite of related simulation/training systems.

Additionally, Lockheed Martin Canada is a key provider of Information Management/Information Technology (IM/IT) systems for both military and civil government departments including the Canadian Forces Health Information System, the Canadian Forces Command System, Air Force Command Information System and, the Defense Information Services Broker (DISB).
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Mission and Values

Lockheed Martin Canada is a diversified technology company serving the needs of Canadian government and military and selected international customers.


  • Customer focus
  • Learning culture through integrated diversity
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Decisive and expeditious implementation
  • Change propensity
  • Continuous communications
  • Mission success
  • Shared vision through ethics and teamwork

Our mission is straightforward - to be an ethical, dynamic and technology-oriented electronics and systems integration company pursuing Canadian and global markets in military Systems Integration, Electronic Warfare and Information Systems.

Diversity and Inclusion

Lockheed Martin Canada is an equal opportunity employer that values diversity in the workplace. We are committed to excellence in serving all customers, including people with disabilities, and we encourage feedback on the provision of these services. Lockheed Martin Canada also values the exceptional experience and technical training that the Canadian Forces provides to its members. Accountability, focus on process, and the ability to learn and quickly adapt are highly valued traits that come through military training, and fully support our core values. All Lockheed Martin Canada positions are open to our military veterans.


We are an equal opportunity employer which values diversity in the workplace. Accommodations will be made for persons with disabilities in all employment activities.

Lockheed Martin Canada has offices Canada wide. We seek personnel to expand our experienced multi-disciplinary teams in our main facilities in Halifax, Montreal and Ottawa. We also seek personnel to work from our customers' facilities located in Victoria, Halifax, Ottawa, Trenton, St-Hubert, Valcartier, Petawawa, Gagetown and Wainwright.

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Lockheed Martin Canada Job Opportunities

Career Opportunities

  Career Title Location Date Posted Region

    Direct Fire Targeting (DFT),Tech  Petawawa 2019-02-21 Ontario
    Systems Engineer  Multiple Locations 2019-02-20
    Direct Fire Targeting (DFT), Technician  Petawawa 2019-02-20 Ontario
    Technical Co-op - Software IRAD  Halifax 2019-02-20 Nova Scotia
    ATE EMAM/Lockheed Martin - Montage Mécanique  Montreal 2019-02-19 Quebec
    Senior Systems Engineer  Ottawa 2019-02-18 Ontario
    Software Dev Analyst Asc  Ottawa 2019-02-18 Ontario
    Computer Network Support Specialist  Halifax 2019-02-14 Nova Scotia
    Publications Coordinator  Ottawa 2019-02-14 Ontario
    Industrial Technical Benefits Administrator  Ottawa 2019-02-13 Ontario
    Systems Administrator Sr  Ottawa 2019-02-12 Ontario
    Cleaner Aeronautical Parts  Montreal 2019-02-12 Quebec
    Technical Co-op - System Admin / DevOps - JSS  Halifax 2019-02-08 Nova Scotia
    Senior Document Control Specialist  Ottawa 2019-02-04 Ontario
    Senior Cyber Architect  Montreal 2019-01-31 Quebec
    Network Data Comm Anlyst  Ottawa 2019-01-31 Ontario
    Security Assistant Sr Spec  Ottawa 2019-01-31 Ontario
    Combat Systems Installation Engineer  Halifax 2019-01-31 Nova Scotia
    Technical Co-op - Software - JSS  Halifax 2019-01-31 Nova Scotia
    Intermediate Software Dev Analyst  Ottawa 2019-01-31 Ontario
    Data Management Analyst  Victoria 2019-01-31 British Columbia
    Production Scheduler/Planning  Montreal 2019-01-31 Quebec
    Provisioning Analyst Sr  Trenton 2019-01-31 Ontario
    Co-op Technical Sr  Ottawa 2019-01-31 Ontario
    Co-op Technical Sr  Ottawa 2019-01-31 Ontario
    System Integration Analyst  Halifax 2019-01-31 Nova Scotia
    Sys Integratn Test Eng Sr  Halifax 2019-01-30 Nova Scotia
    Co-op Admin  Ottawa 2019-01-28 Ontario
    Business Services Graduate Development Program Associate  Ottawa 2019-01-15 Ontario
    Senior Technician Specialist  Petawawa 2019-01-14 Ontario
    Senior Systems Engineer  Ottawa 2019-01-09 Ontario
    Technical Trainer - Navy (Game Piece Operator)  Halifax 2019-01-02 Nova Scotia
    Senior, Document Control Specialist  Halifax 2018-12-31 Nova Scotia