Let's face it. Any search firm can screen a candidate against approved criteria. What isn’t so obvious, however, is being able to identify those intangibles our clients care about more profoundly, like how candidates have demonstrated commitment, ambition, trustworthiness and passion throughout their careers. It sounds difficult. But we make it easy. And do it quickly.


With offices in major centres across North America (at last count, we had 12), we are specialists in our disciplines, which include Business-to-Business, Consumer Goods, Human Resources, Finance, Industrial, Life Sciences and Operations. And while our offices may span the continent, our people are always closely connected. By leveraging resourcesand knowledge across the country, we ensure exceptional, seamless service for all clients, wherever they're located.


We specialize in finding people doing exceptionally in the following disciplines and roles:
Business-to-Business: Business Analysts, Sales, Marketing, Human Resources and Finance, and Senior Management roles
Consumer Goods: Sales, Key Account Management, Brand Management, Trade Marketing, Category Management, Analysts, Human Resources and Finance, and various leadership roles
Life Sciences: Sales, Marketing, Management, Clinical Health Education, Clinical Research, Human Resources and Finance, and R&D roles.
Operations: Supervisors, Managers, Demand Planners, and Route Managers
Industrial and Engineered Products: Sales, Regional and National Managers, Industrial Marketing and Inside Sales Professionals, Customer Service Managers, Human Resources and Finance, and technical non-sales Supervisors, Service Managers, Technicians and Engineering Managers.

  Career Title Location Date Posted Region

   Territory Manager - Manufacturers Sales Rep Halifax CityMarch 21, 2017