Irving Shipbuilding Inc.

Marine, Industrial Manufacturing and Services

Irving Shipbuilding Inc. is one of Eastern Canada’s leading industrial groups. The integrated team of companies operates in the Marine, Industrial Manufacturing and Services sectors to provide world class shipbuilding and repair, drill rig construction and conversion, offshore fabrication, industrial manufacturing, engineering, supply chain management and quality and technical services.

Industrial market segments serviced include oil and gas, petrochemical, power generation, pulp and paper, transportation, mining and related heavy industries.

Irving Shipbuilding Inc. has its primary office at the Halifax Shipyard with other locations in the Maritime Provinces. The Company has been building quality vessels and fabricated modules for almost 50 years.

Halifax Shipyard is growing its workforce to meet requirements for several major projects, including the mid-life modernization of seven HALIFAX-class frigates for the Canadian Navy known as the FELEX Program. The yard is currently in the process of hiring management and technical positions. By the end of this year, the yard plans to more than double its staff levels, and trade positions are expected to almost triple by this time next year.

Management & Technical Positions
  • Accounting
  • Administration
  • Completions
  • Data Management
  • Drafting - All Disciplines
  • Engineering - Electrical, Industrial, Marine, Mechanical and Naval Architecture
  • Estimating
  • Health, Safety & Environment
  • Human Resources
  • IT
  • Legal
  • Marketing
  • Planning - All Disciplines
  • Process Improvement
  • Production Management - All Disciplines / Trades
  • Production Supervision - All Disciplines / Trades
  • Project Management
  • Quality Assurance / Quality Control Scheduling
  • Supply Chain
Trade Positions
  • Burner
  • Crane Operator
  • Electrician
  • Engine Fitter
  • Ironworker
  • Joiner / Stager / Carpenter / Scaffolder
  • Labourer
  • Loftsman
  • Machinist
  • Pipe Fitter
  • Maintenance
  • Painter / Blaster
  • Rigger
  • Sheet Metal
  • Warehouse
  • Welder

For more specific details regarding our openings please see 'Current Opportunities' listings below. However we are accepting resumes for all of our positions listed above at any time. If you are interested in a career with Irving Shipbuilding Inc. Please visit our Careers Site and apply today.

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Current Opportunities

  Career Title Location Date Posted Region

    Supply Chain Solutions Specialist  Halifax 2019-05-25 Nova Scotia
    Senior Vice President- Canadian Surface Combatant Program  Halifax 2019-05-25 Nova Scotia
    Safety Advisor  Halifax 2019-05-24 Nova Scotia
    Receptionist, Local 28  Halifax 2019-05-24 Nova Scotia
    Training Specialist (Material Requirements Planning)  Halifax 2019-05-23 Nova Scotia
    Training Specialist (Product Lifecycle Management)  Halifax 2019-05-23 Nova Scotia
    Design Build (Spatial Arrangement) Team Lead  Halifax 2019-05-23 Nova Scotia
    Quality Assurance Engineer, CSC  Halifax 2019-05-22 Nova Scotia
    Integrated Data Environment (IDE) Project Director  Halifax 2019-05-22 Nova Scotia
    Above Water Sensors Integration Specialist – Radar and Illuminator  Halifax 2019-05-22 Nova Scotia
    Change Manager (Material Requirements Planning)  Halifax 2019-05-22 Nova Scotia
    Senior Electrical Engineer  Halifax 2019-05-21 Nova Scotia
    Senior Platform Systems Engineer  Halifax 2019-05-19 Nova Scotia
    Procurement Specialist  Halifax 2019-05-17 Nova Scotia
    Labour Relations Specialist  Halifax 2019-05-17 Nova Scotia
    Labour Relations Manager  Halifax 2019-05-17 Nova Scotia
    Engineering Manager, System Safety and Certification  Halifax 2019-05-16 Nova Scotia
    Senior Combat Systems Manager  Halifax 2019-05-16 Nova Scotia
    Administrative Assistant, CSC  Halifax 2019-05-16 Nova Scotia
    Safety Advisor - 14 month term  Halifax 2019-05-16 Nova Scotia
    Configuration & Information Management Specialist  Halifax 2019-05-15 Nova Scotia
    Quality Control Inspector - Mechanical  Halifax 2019-05-15 Nova Scotia
    Test and Trials Specialist - Combat Systems  Halifax 2019-05-12 Nova Scotia
    Test and Trials Specialist - Propulsion Systems  Halifax 2019-05-12 Nova Scotia
    Senior Test and Trials Specialist - Electrical  Halifax 2019-05-12 Nova Scotia
    Project Manager, CSC  Multiple Locations 2019-05-12
    Project Manager, Ottawa  Ottawa 2019-05-12 Ontario
    Project Control Specialist  Halifax 2019-05-12 Nova Scotia
    Shelburne Ship Repair - Skilled Trades  Shelburne 2019-05-12 Nova Scotia
    Manager, Design Build  Halifax 2019-05-12 Nova Scotia
    Experienced Shipfitters / Platers / Shipwrights / Metal Fabricators / Ironworkers  Multiple Locations 2019-05-12
    Manager, Engineering (Naval Architecture)  Halifax 2019-05-12 Nova Scotia
    Senior Systems Engineer - Piping  Multiple Locations 2019-05-12
    Design Build (Manufacturing Engineering and Product Data Management) Team Lead, CSC  Halifax 2019-05-11 Nova Scotia
    Manager, Human Resources Services  Halifax 2019-05-11 Nova Scotia
    Supply Chain Director, CSC  Halifax 2019-05-11 Nova Scotia
    Manager, Export Compliance  Halifax 2019-05-09 Nova Scotia
    Aviation Safety Engineer  Halifax 2019-05-08 Nova Scotia
    Senior Engineering Manager, CSC  Halifax 2019-05-08 Nova Scotia
    Senior Software Integration Engineer (Cyber)  Halifax 2019-05-08 Nova Scotia
    Project Coordinator - CSC  Halifax 2019-05-05 Nova Scotia
    Senior Project Controls Specialist  Halifax 2019-05-05 Nova Scotia
    Stagebuilder  Halifax 2019-05-04 Nova Scotia
    Mechanical/Pipe Supervisor  Halifax 2019-05-04 Nova Scotia
    Manufacturing Engineer, CSC  Halifax 2019-05-04 Nova Scotia
    Auxiliary Machinery Engineer  Multiple Locations 2019-05-03
    Ship Manager  Halifax 2019-05-03 Nova Scotia
    Design Build (Test Production Module) Team Lead  Halifax 2019-05-02 Nova Scotia
    Naval Architect, CSC  Halifax 2019-05-02 Nova Scotia
    Document Control Administrator  Halifax 2019-05-02 Nova Scotia
    Supply Chain Manager  Halifax 2019-05-02 Nova Scotia
    Ship Physical Security Specialist  Halifax 2019-05-01 Nova Scotia
    Combat Management Systems - Systems Integration Engineer  Multiple Locations 2019-05-01
    Assistant Project Manager, CSC  Halifax 2019-05-01 Nova Scotia
    Quality Assurance Specialist  Halifax 2019-05-01 Nova Scotia
    Combat Management System Software Engineer  Halifax 2019-05-01 Nova Scotia
    Change Manager (Product Lifecycle Management)  Halifax 2019-05-01 Nova Scotia
    External Communications Integration Engineer  Multiple Locations 2019-05-01
    Internal Communications Integration Engineer  Multiple Locations 2019-05-01
    Magazine and Ammunition Safety Specialist  Halifax 2019-05-01 Nova Scotia
    Requirements Specialist, CSC  Halifax 2019-04-30 Nova Scotia
    Hazard Management Engineer  Halifax 2019-04-30 Nova Scotia
    Major Subcontract Specialist - Canadian Surface Combatant (CSC) Program  Halifax 2019-04-27 Nova Scotia
    Assistant Manager, Production Planning  Halifax 2019-04-27 Nova Scotia
    Associate Facilities Engineer  Halifax 2019-04-26 Nova Scotia
    Labour and Reporting Analyst  Halifax 2019-04-26 Nova Scotia