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SaintJohnLifeOnYourTerms is your premier source for information on living and working in Saint John, New Brunswick. This dynamic resource showcases our community, where you are free to live the life that is true to you. You’ll find greater freedom here to choose where you live, your leisure activities and how you work. You’ll also find the support and resources you need to enrich your life and reach your potential.

Our region is enjoying solid growth that encourages and embraces new ideas and investment. It’s growth that everyone will share, and it’s growth you can be part of. We invite you to explore the clean environment and many health, education, and childcare services that await you in our Supportive Community. Learn about the entrepreneurial spirit, and the investment, career, retail and real estate options available in our Economic Community. And check out the many events, activities and opportunities to express your creativity that make our region such an Enriching Community. As you do, you’ll discover why life is better in Saint John.

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