GEM Health Care Group

GEM Health Care Group is a Nova Scotian, family run business which has been progressively enhancing the lives of seniors in the communities where they operate since 1979. The first facility acquired by GEM was a combination of 3 Victorian homes where the design, which included many stairs, was not practical for seniors and hampered the ability to deliver effective care. These homes were replaced with the construction of the present Gables Lodge, which was GEM's first step in providing an enhanced service to their seniors. Since then, GEM has acquired and constructed facilities throughout the province and have continued to remain leaders in transforming how health care is delivered to seniors in Nova Scotia. GEM currently operates various levels of seniors' care facilities throughout Nova Scotia, Ontario, and in Hollywood, Florida.

GEM's Mission

The mission of all GEM staff is simple. Always do your best to accommodate the needs of our clients and ensure the highest level of care is delivered whenever it is possible. Families and friends are encouraged to visit often and participate when they can, and we always have interesting and stimulating activities, both physical and mental to ensure our clients remain involved and enthused as often as possible.

Independent Living

GEM's Independent Living facilities enable clients to live alone in a beautiful suite, but always has staff on duty in case of emergency. Light cleaning of your room, a four course dinner, and a stimulating activity program keep our clients engaged and ensure they're as active as they prefer. GEM has independent living options available in Halifax (Melville Heights) and Amherst (Centennial Villa).

Residential Care

GEM offers licensed residential care options to those who wish to maintain as much of their independence as possible, but may require supervision or assistance in performing their daily activities of living. Activity programs focus on the wants and abilities of the clients so they can participate in the activities which interest them. GEM's residential care options are available in Halifax (Melville Gardens) and Amherst (Centennial Villa).

Nursing Homes

GEM's nursing homes are located throughout Nova Scotia and Ontario and, since their inception, have continually set the standard of how seniors are cared for. Innovative designs and evolutionary models of care ensure GEM not only incorporates industry best practices, but remains on the leading edge of developing services and models which enhance long term care. From the freshly cooked, never frozen meals which are served in all of our homes, to the activity program designed to keep our clients active and involved, residents of GEM's nursing facilities find it to be the ideal place for them to live.


GEM realizes that from housekeeping to administering medication, our staff is both the foundation and the face of our business. GEM knows that their staff are individuals who make them who they are, so they focus on hiring those who complement their mission best.

Our facilities are always accepting applications for full time, part time and casual positions, but for immediate opportunities, please visit our individual facilities' careers link.

Career Opportunities

  Career Title Location Date Posted Region

    Maintenance worker – Full time  Hammonds Plains 2018-12-11 Nova Scotia
    Staff Accountant (Payroll)  Halifax 2018-12-10 Nova Scotia
    Line Cook - Casual  Halifax 2018-12-10 Nova Scotia
    Line Cook - Part Time  Halifax 2018-12-10 Nova Scotia
    Licensed Practical Nurse  Halifax 2018-11-28 Nova Scotia
    Registered Nurse  Halifax 2018-11-28 Nova Scotia
    Continuing Care Assistant  Halifax 2018-11-28 Nova Scotia
    Continuing Care Assistants - Permanent Full Time  Halifax 2018-11-26 Nova Scotia
    Registered Nurse – Permanent full time  Halifax 2018-11-26 Nova Scotia
    Support Services (Dietary, housekeeping Laundry) - Part time  Hammonds Plains 2018-11-23 Nova Scotia
    Administrator  Halifax 2018-11-22 Nova Scotia
    Administrator  Halifax 2018-11-21 Nova Scotia
    Registered Nurse  Halifax 2018-11-21 Nova Scotia
    Licensed Practical Nurse  Halifax 2018-11-21 Nova Scotia
    Continuing Care Assistant  Halifax 2018-11-21 Nova Scotia
    Continuing Care Assistant  Halifax 2018-11-21 Nova Scotia
    Licensed Practical Nurse  Halifax 2018-11-21 Nova Scotia