The Fredericton Advantage

The Greater Fredericton Region is a dynamic, innovative and growing community. In the past five years, local communities have experienced an increase in population, development initiatives and new businesses, despite decline in other provincial areas. Enterprise Fredericton is dedicated to improving economic performance in the City of Fredericton, Town of Oromocto, Village of New Maryland and the Lincoln Local Service District.

World Class Smarts

Having been recognized as one of the worlds top 7 Intelligent Community of 2008, Fredericton is continuously making strides to improve itself in the field of innovation and technology. This prestigious nomination recognizes the tireless efforts that make Fredericton a cutting edge city.

Surrounded by Universities, colleges and trade programs, Greater Fredericton is home to a growing pool of very skilled individuals. Fredericton also ranks third in the country in percentage of the population that holds a university degree (30.5%) behind only Toronto and Ottawa.

Business is our Way of Life

With more businesses per capita than any other city in Canada, it is easy to see why Fredericton is the hub for innovation and ideas. Moreover, the cost of living is low in Greater Fredericton compared to many Canadian capital cities.

Fredericton is home to 70% of New Brunswick’s knowledge-based firms, appropriately representing major sectors such as e-learning, Geomatics and ICT industries. In addition, a constant growth of skilled engineers emerges from Fredericton community. At current count there are more engineers per capita in Fredericton that any other city in Canada. Thanks to these skilled workers, Greater Fredericton is firmly represented internationally with the many businesses cemented in our communities.

Strategic Location & Access to Markets

One hundred million customers are within an hour’s flight or an 8-hour drive! Fredericton is the gateway to Atlantic Canada and Provincial Capital. Located on the Trans Canada highway, just an hour from the U.S. I-95 and the region’s busiest seaport, it has strategic connections to road and sea networks. Fredericton’s international airport is located 14km from the downtown center and 7km from Base Gagetown, making business traveling a breeze.

Art and Community Together

Fredericton has been designated as a Cultural Capital of Canada for 2009 by the federal Department of Canadian Heritage.  During the year, city residents and visitors alike will be exposed to a diverse program that brings together music, theatre, film, and visual arts.

As a cultural hub, the Beaverbrook Art Gallery is home to such famous artists as Dali, Turner and Bobak to name a few. The region is also surrounded by a variety of studios, galleries, musical venues, theater performances and art schools. You will quickly realize that art culture in the Fredericton region is alive and growing.

Green Matters

Committed to becoming the first city in North America to meet the Kyoto Agreement targets, the city of Fredericton is well on its way of doing just that. These targets are being met by the cities compliance to the following:

  • Municipal buildings retrofitting to be more energy-efficient (saving 20% annually in energy costs)
  • Adopting a Green Seal purchasing program to buy recycled material
  • Replacing incandescent traffic lights with LED lights (80% energy reduction)
  • Replacing conventional monitors with LCD monitors (80% energy reduction)
  • Being the first city in North America to adopt water-based traffic paint to reduce emission by 70%
  • These, and more, are some of the ways Greater Fredericton is contributing to a Greener way of life for all residents.
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