The Carmichael Project is people dedicated to excellence

We want you to become a valued member of a quality environment – where excellence is expected!
The Carmichael Project isn’t just what we do throughout the day. It’s who we are. It’s the core values we stand for and how we view ourselves both as individual parts of the project, and as a collective. What we achieve together here at Carmichael isn’t just a series of one of many jobs. Rather it’s an ongoing project - something we tweak and strive to improve and perfect every single day, from our internal processes to our customer service, to the way we value and regard our team members. The Carmichael Project is what unites us in our commitment to perform, excel and innovate, day in and day out. It’s where you belong...

Who we are

We’re all about people

Team spirit, hard work, efficiency and excellence; these are just a few of the core values that have given us our staying power over ninety plus years.

Fellowship is the key ingredient to who we are, and this is a testament to our steadfast commitment to our principles, management approach and the way we treat our employees. To prove it, we’ve got the longest tenured technicians in the industry. Together, we are committed to staying true to our guiding principles, which will help you achieve your collective aspirations and personal goals. In this day and age, principles matter now more than ever before.

Leader in the HVAC Industry

We lead by example.

We are pioneers and service innovators in the HVAC industry: When new cooling and heating systems hit the market, we took the opportunity to learn the necessary technology that enabled us to go from being plumbing contractors to full service mechanical contractors. With a business that dates back to 1922, our history in this industry is extensive and our progress is continuous. We’ve built a rock-solid base that we continue to fortify with creativity, innovation, added knowledge and development.

Why join us

We Train. We Trust. We Empower.

With values like innovation, team spirit, integrity and loyalty, it’s no wonder we attract and maintain the best talent available; and why wouldn’t we?

Being a part of the Carmichael Project translates to infinite opportunities to learn, opportunities to learn and achieve tremendous personal growth. And what’s more, we give you free reign to apply what you learn so you in turn can perfect it and continually improve on it.

Could you be one of the best? If so, we want to hear from you today!

We invest in our people

Bring us your aspirations and we’ll take care of the rest.

In over 90 years in business we’ve learned a thing or two, one of which is where to invest a good portion of our resources. We are interested in getting to know you; to learn what makes you tick, what excites you in your day-to-day work environment and where your passions lie.

It is because we consider you part of our family and we believe in the saying, "do what you love and love what you do." We want you to "love what you do" for us, so you’ll stay on board with us for many years to come. That’s why we invest so heavily in our people – our greatest asset. If you provide the drive and ambition, we will provide the training and constant mentoring to help you develop professionally and become an expert in your field.

We’re not looking for workers; we’re looking for believers who want to reach their full potential.

Great Working Environment

Got any ideas? Then share them!

At Carmichael, we don’t sit still not for a minute. We love our fast paced, positive ambiance where we encourage and insist that our team bring us their ideas.

The more creative the better! If something works, we use it. It’s as simple as that. We think in terms of possibilities and it’s this mindset that allows us to leverage diversity and encourage initiative. Your unique perspective, culture and experiences are what will help you bring creativity and innovation to everything you do.

Our goal is for you to succeed!

Careers with us. Come grow with us

A career at Carmichael means working for an established national leader with long-term vision.

It’s having the resources you need to succeed both personally and professionally. Start as an apprentice and end up an expert! Creativity, innovation, a passion for helping customers to live and work in comfort, and commitment to the team are what define the Carmichael employee.

Do you see yourself here?

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