Bluedrop Performance Learning Inc. (TSX-V: BPL) is an award-winning innovator in both the development of workplace eLearning and simulation, as well as the way large organizations deliver, track and manage training. Within its two operating divisions, Bluedrop Training & Simulation Inc. (BTSI) and Bluedrop Learning Networks Inc. (BLN), their mandate is to lead and dominate niche markets where technology and learning can deliver new levels of operational success and improve and save lives.

Our Business

With their Headquarters in St. John's, Newfoundland & Labrador, Bluedrop employs a dynamic team of over 185 eLearning professionals across North America. Their team consists of Instructional Designers, Systems Engineers, Programmers, Simulation Developers, Graphic Designers and Technical Illustrators. They also boast a talented team of Subject Matter Experts in the Air Force, Army, and Naval domains, who understand the complexities of delivering highly effective operational training.

Bluedrop Training & Simulation Inc. (BTSI) operates within the defence and aerospace industry where it designs and develops highly specialized, high performance, tactical training for front line operators of equipment working in complex environments and high-risk situations. This includes, training systems needs analysis, custom courseware development, virtual simulation training devices, and ongoing training support for in service support. BTSI is the partner of choice for large OEMs, by bringing capabilities in R&D, innovative solution development and execution excellence.

BTSI offers customized support at our state-of-the-art virtual Training and Simulation Centre in Halifax, Nova Scotia. This is the only facility of its kind in the country. Its unique proximity to the Royal Canadian Navy and military bases, as well as universities, makes it an ideal location for collaboration, field-testing and industry validation.

Bluedrop Learning Networks Inc. (BLN) is a training management platform that delivers and validates skills and credentials across multi-stakeholder workforce ecosystems. The Bluedrop360 platform enables workers to upgrade their skills on demand, validate their on the job competencies and keep their credentials as they move jobs.

When clients choose Bluedrop, they get extraordinary talent teamed with amazing commitment and dedication. We've cultivated a team of outstanding people who are passionate about our company and our clients. This is why Bluedrop is seen as the employer of choice for eLearning and multimedia professionals. Bluedrop has succeeded because we hire the best talent, we offer respect, and we define tangible opportunities for advancement.

Career Opportunities

  Career Title Location Date Posted Region

    Intermediate Instructional Designer (ID)  Fredericton 2018-09-18 New Brunswick
    Government Programs Coordinator  Halifax 2018-09-18 Nova Scotia
    Junior Instructional Designer (ID)  Fredericton 2018-09-18 New Brunswick
    Junior eLearning Product Programmer (ELPP)  Gagetown 2018-09-18 New Brunswick
    Project Manager  St. John's 2018-09-18 Newfoundland and Labrador
    Systems Software Specialist  Halifax 2018-09-11 Nova Scotia
    Junior Instructional Designer  Halifax 2018-09-07 Nova Scotia

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