About the IWK Health Centre

Located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, the IWK Health Centre provides quality care to women, children, youth and families in the Maritimes and beyond. In addition to providing highly specialized (tertiary) care, the IWK also provides primary care services. The IWK is engaged in leading-edge research; works to promote healthy lifestyles for families; and supports education opportunities for health professionals and other learners.

The IWK is committed to ensuring that our programs and staff demonstrate culturally competent and inclusive care, and advocate for the health and equity of our increasingly diverse Maritime communities.

We strive towards our vision of Health Families. The Best Care., through our commitment to:

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Applying for a position

Current IWK vacancies are listed below. In order to apply for posted vacancies, all applicants are required to set up a CareerBeacon account. Once an account has been created, applicants can apply for posted vacancies online by selecting the "Apply Online Now" button on the posting.

For technical support with online applications, please contact CareerBeacon directly at 1-888-878-7637 or email support@careerbeacon.com.

Please be advised that internal job postings are open to IWK employees only. An offer of employment for successful external applicants is contingent upon the successful applicant providing a satisfactory Criminal Record Check complete with Vulnerable Sector Search as well as a Child Abuse Registry Check.

IWK Health Centre

Career Opportunities

  Career Title Location Date Posted Region

   Staff Nurse, Children's OR Halifax CityJuly 25, 2014
   Youth Care Worker II, Community Mental Health Halifax CityJuly 24, 2014
   Youth Care Worker II, Community Mental Health Halifax CityJuly 24, 2014
   Unit Aide/SPD Aide - Pediatric OR Halifax CityJuly 24, 2014
   Registration/Scheduling Clerk, Eye Care Team Halifax CityJuly 24, 2014
   Administrative Assistant II, Otolaryngology (ENT) Halifax CityJuly 24, 2014
   Staff Nurse, Women's Health OR Halifax CityJuly 24, 2014
   EIBI Program Implementer Halifax CityJuly 23, 2014
   Administrative Assistant, Perioperative & SPD  Halifax CityJuly 23, 2014
   Sterile Processing Department (SPD) Aide Halifax CityJuly 23, 2014
   Professional Practice Chief & Clinical Coordinator - Child Life Halifax CityJuly 23, 2014
   Administrative Assistant, Garron Centre & EMHAS Halifax CityJuly 23, 2014
   Staff Nurse - Obstetrical Day Unit  Halifax CityJuly 22, 2014
   Senior Clinical Business Analyst (IWK MEDITECH Applications) Halifax CityJuly 22, 2014
   Occupational Therapist, School Therapy Service Halifax CityJuly 22, 2014
   Psychometrist, Community Mental Health Halifax CityJuly 22, 2014
   Ward Clerk, Shared Clinics Halifax CityJuly 22, 2014
   MA Psychologist, School Based Mental Health & Addictions Halifax CityJuly 21, 2014
   Social Worker, Emergency Mental Health & Addictions Services Halifax CityJuly 21, 2014
   Social Worker - Complex Case Management, CMH Halifax CityJuly 21, 2014
   Clinical Nurse Specialist, Adolescent Intensive Services Halifax CityJuly 18, 2014
   Unit Aide, Birth Unit Halifax CityJuly 18, 2014
   Coordinator Rehab Team, Rehabilitation Services Halifax CityJuly 18, 2014
   Occupational Therapist, Preschool Services Halifax CityJuly 18, 2014
   Administrative Assistant II, Central Referral Halifax CityJuly 18, 2014
   Staff Nurse, MSNU Halifax CityJuly 18, 2014
   EKG Technologist, Children's Heart Centre Halifax CityJuly 18, 2014
   General Office Clerk II, Health Information Services Halifax CityJuly 16, 2014
   Admitting & Registration Clerk  Halifax CityJuly 16, 2014
   Occupational Therapist, Adolescent Intensive Services Halifax CityJuly 15, 2014
   Manager, Provincial Youth Forensic Services - Waterville Annapolis Valley, WatervilleJuly 15, 2014
   Social Worker, Adolescent Intensive Services Halifax CityJuly 15, 2014
   Registration/Scheduling Clerk, Neurology Clinic Halifax CityJuly 14, 2014
   Staff Nurse, CHOICES Halifax CityJuly 14, 2014
   Social Worker, Community Mental Health Services Halifax CityJuly 14, 2014
   Staff Nurse, PICU Halifax CityJuly 14, 2014
   Clinical Psychologists - Youth Forensics Halifax CityJuly 11, 2014
   Clinical Psychologist, CHOICES Halifax CityJuly 11, 2014
   Staff Nurse - Permanent Resource Nurse Pool, MH&A Halifax CityJuly 11, 2014
   Social Worker, Youth Forensic Services  Halifax CityJuly 11, 2014
   Pediatric Dental Assistant, Dentistry Halifax CityJuly 11, 2014
   Manager, Primary Health Halifax CityJuly 10, 2014
   EEG Technologist B Halifax CityJuly 07, 2014
   Licensed Practical Nurses, Mental Health & Addictions Halifax CityJuly 02, 2014
   Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist - Clinical Program Leader Halifax CityJuly 02, 2014
   Social Worker, Nova Scotia ISAY Halifax CityJune 23, 2014
   Staff Nurse, Youth Forensic Services Annapolis Valley, Kentville, WatervilleJune 16, 2014
   Staff Nurse, Youth Forensic Services Annapolis Valley, Kentville, WatervilleJune 16, 2014
   Pediatric Echo Sonographer Halifax CityJune 12, 2014
   Genetic Counsellor Halifax CityJune 11, 2014
   Registered Nurse (RNs) - with Psychiatric/Mental Health Experience Halifax CityJune 04, 2014
   Psychologist, ISAY Clinical Team Leader Halifax CityMay 30, 2014